Chapter 43

En Route (Part 2)

“Red! Red! Red! Red! Red! Red! Red! Red!”

“Slow down princess!“ Shaela laughed as she gestured for the princess to take the seat opposite her and set up the pieces on the board.

Shaela was feeling much better now, and was given the all clear to start moving around. She still tired easily, so didn’t venture far from her designated room – which was where Princess Leyva found her.

“I spoke to father earlier.”

“Has Korv made his move yet?” Shaela asked.

“No. The Hot Summer approaches, he would be a fool to attack now.”

“Is it that time already?”

“I know right, glad I’m not down there for another one.” Leyva leaned forward in her chair. “Father brought up the bond Red.”

Shaela’s head sunk. She knew it was going to happen eventually, she just assumed that it would be when they returned home.

“I chose you Red.”

“Wait. What!!!”

“You heard me you doofus” Leyva laughed. “We start the bonding procedure when we land.”

“Off-world? Isn’t that odd?”

“Very.” said Leyva. “I’m worried about father, he said everything was fine before the coms cut out. But he’s always shielded me from the darker aspects of his job.”

“He’ll be fine Leyva. But you won’t be… Checkmate!”

“What!?!” Leyva checked the board. “Damn you Red!”


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