Chapter 76


I wake up early, keen to get today’s training started on a positive note. I stepped into the living room and Shaela is no where in sight, no doubt already inside the Bonding Chamber preparing today’s session. I grabbed a bowl of cereal and sat down at the living room table.

“Perhaps it’s time you start thinking about your people other than yourself!”

Shaela’s words hung in the air, I used them as fuel. I wanted to make Shaela proud, I wanted to be the princess that she envisioned me to be. But most of all, I wanted to slaughter that worthless cousin of mine – skewer his severed head on a pike and display it to all of Xaabos. It was the darkness in me that wanted that last part, but sometimes you need a little darkness in your life to make the hard choices.

Wellness 2WellnessMy wrist-alarm went off and I stood up and entered the Bonding Chamber. The door locked behind me with a thunk, followed by the sound of hydraulics sealing the door for the bonding process to start. As I predicted, Shaela was already inside and standing over two meditation stools and a couple of yoga mats.

Wellness 3“I thought we were training today?” I asked as I stood in front of Shaela with a perplexed look on my face.

Wellness 4“Oh we will be. Just not during the bonding process.” Shaela replied with an evil smirk. “We need to be doing things together during this time, I can’t do that if I’m training a worthless sack of Gronyx dung like yourself.”

Did I just hear her right? Did she just call me a-

“Stop daydreaming and listen!” Shaela snapped. “During our allotted bonding time, we will meditate and work on your flexibility. You are going to be smaller than most people you will face and we are going to try and exploit that.”

Wellness 5Wellness 7“So when do we train then?” I asked, although I already knew the answer.

Wellness 6That evil smirk of Shaela’s returned, and there was a sparkle in her eyes that suggested that she was having incredible fun in watching her friend squirm.

“We train after. Every day, without fail. I am going to work you until you collapse, and then I’m going to work you some more. Maybe, just maybe I’ll make a warrior out of you… But I doubt it.”

Wellness 18Shaela sat down on a stool as I glared at her. She completely ignored my look of rage as she started to breathe deeply.


I did as she asked, as angry as I was at her for talking to me like that, I had asked her to push me and I was desperate to show her how wrong she was. I would become a warrior, just you wait and see!

Wellness 19She didn’t provide any instructions, she just sat there breathing in and out. I opened my eyes at one point and she looked so peaceful.

Wellness 17Wellness 16I wondered what I looked like when I was meditating, probably like a fool.

Wellness 15I’m not sure how long we sat there for, or if it was working. I did feel more at ease, more focused, but I don’t know if that was supposed to be the outcome or not. I sensed Shaela stand up and I heard her beckon me over to the mats.

Wellness 10Wellness 11Wellness 12I mimicked her movements as best I could, sometimes going the wrong way, sometimes stumbling.

Wellness 13Wellness 14At times I fell flat on my head. As I lay on the ground after my most recent fall the sound of the door unlocking interrupted my thoughts. Has the day finished already? No, there is still the training.

Wellness 20But hey, how bad could it be?

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