Chapter 103



“Report,” I demanded as I stared into the holo-screen.


“Shadow 528 reporting in. This planet is on the brink of war. The different nations fight over race, religion, and resources. This world is dying. All it would take is for one madman to start it all.”


My agent had jammed the signal, as they always did, distorting their voice, and rendering any attempts of discovering their identity fruitless. I didn’t care, they got the job done and they were a backup plan in case those two bounty hunters proved… less than competent.

“Permission to execute ‘Imperial Edict: 704’ my Emperor?” they asked, a hint of hope in their voice.



“Permission denied,” I replied, a faint humming could be heard inside my head, he was not impressed with my answer and neither was my Shadow Agent.


I turned away from the screen, he was trying to take control, at some point soon, he will, but until that day, I will continue to fight this demon, or whatever it is.


 “Infiltration into a place of power was easier than I thought,” continued Shadow 528, “I have half the civilised world at my disposal and they are all scrambling for my attention. It is sickening.”


“Good, good,” I replied, my back still facing the screen as my demon whispered insidious thoughts into my mind.

“And one last thing, my Emperor, Bella Korlaan has resurfaced.”


My ears perked up at that comment and I turned around with a smile on my face, “She must be working with the Orrix, keep an eye on her but do not make a move without my permission, is that clear?”




I couldn’t hear my agent’s affirmation of my orders, all my strength, all my being was focused on keeping my demon from seizing control.


I nodded my head and disconnected the call. My hand hovered over the red gem that I’d thrust into my own heart, all I had to do was remove that, this I knew instinctively, and all would be safe. But to do so, would also be the death of me.


I don’t know if I have the strength to do that. The demon chose its victim well it seems.

11 thoughts on “Chapter 103”

  1. So if he kills himself he’ll stop the crystals (evil! hehe). Yes, those parasites seem to be rather intelligent in their choice of victims: prone to power, having the chance to seize it and afraid of dying themselves.

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