Chapter 42

En Route (Part 1)

A Residential Lot by: abtiffanies

Meanwhile on-board the X.I.S. Swift, Shaela is recovering quickly from her near-death encounter. She sleeps most of the time, still weak from the poison but is getting stronger each day.

“Captain, Emperor Saarang is on the holo.” Galvex stated, “He wishes to speak with his daughter before coms goes dark on Xaabos due to Pyroxius.”

“Put him on the holo-screen. Princess, if you would be so kind as to speak to the old man?” he smiled.

Captain Xenglo Grav, he was your typical Nebula-Runner. During the Unification Wars he played both sides, selling arms and supplies to them both. Right now his loyalty was to the emperor but that was because he had a deep pocket, that could change at any moment and that made Leyva uneasy.

She stood up and made her way to the holo-screen, where her father was on display – the planets third sun already interfering with the electronics on Xaabos.

“My daughter, we don’t have much time. We must discuss your bond.”

Leyva groaned, “Can’t we figure this out when I get back father?”

“No. You must choose now.” He snapped, but his voice softened as he continued. “But know this, you may choose freely.”

Every head in the bridge turned at that comment, the princess just stood there with her mouth open.

“Father I think there was some interference, could you repeat that.”

He smiled quickly, “You may choose anyone.”

“I choose Shaela!” she blurted out. Oh gods, she felt like an idiot. She must have had the stupidest smile on her face. Everyone including the captain just shook their heads and laughed.

“I’ve got to go tell her!”

“Wait!” the emperor called out, “There is one other thing. When you land at your destination, you will go through the bond process there. Galvex knows the protocols”

“But that means spending two years away from home. Is everything alright father?”

“Yes, everything is fine. I jus – kssht – need y krrrrf – 

“That’s it princess, comms to Xaabos is gone.” said Rene Zora, “We won’t hear from them for another year or so.”

“Well, I guess I better go find Shaela!”


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