Chapter 33

Recovery? (Part 5)

My eyes crack open, my vision a blur. I am awake, have I survived? I feel a sensation of burning, but it is distant. I can hear a voice calling my name, but it is indistinct. As my vision clears the world around me is drained of all colour, in front of me is a strange looking tree.

There is an opening inside the tree, I look around me but the world is empty and unfamiliar – I decide to venture forth inside the tree.

As I put one step in front of the other a feel a sense of having been here before. I could not explain it, because I had never seen that tree before in my life.

There is light up ahead, and when I reach it I find myself in a hidden glade. The colour of this place is equally drained of colour, yet even so I could sense the magic of this place. Out of the corner of my eyes I saw a flash of colour and turned.

A cottage? This place definitely looks familiar. Movement to my left, I turn once more and see a person facing away from me. He looks, no… It can’t be?


The man turns, and the world shifts. I find myself inches infront of him, on the northern shore of the lake by the cottage, his striking blue eyes something that I could never forget if I tried.

“Shaela! I’ve been waiting for you.”

“But your de-”

Ymnir pulls me in to an embrace. “Ssh, ssh, ssh… None of that.” I fight it at first, but I find myself wrapping my arms around him. I wanted this, I missed him so much it hurt. I grabbed the back of his head and pulled him in to a kiss. I hadn’t felt those lips against mine for so long.


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