Chapter 54

Landed (Part 1)

“Why are we out here Nakaia?” asked Shaela tersely. She was still mad about last nights revelations, but she had apologized to Nakaia for her misplaced words.

“I didn’t expect for us to land on Terra. The blasted captain and his secrets.”

“He’s not the only one.” muttered Shaela under her breath.

“What was that Red?” asked the princess, who had been chatting away to a local.

“I’ll tell you later, we’ve got business to see to and I want us in and out as quickly as we can.” Shaela nodded at Samla, “You’re with Nakaia & I. And princess, I want you to do what you do best – talk. Talk to these patrons and find out everything there is to know about this area.”

“Got it!”

“Agreed.” stated Nakaia, “Now remember, we’re actresses in an upcoming science-fiction movie – and the ears, skin colour and markings are costume makeup. Okay?”

The princess scratched her head, “What’s science-fiction?”

“Never mind, just remember that line.” Nakaia said.

Leyva nodded, “Okay let’s go!”

They entered the bar and Princess Leyva made a beeline for the bar, swiftly starting up a conversation with the humans that were seated there. As they were climbing the stairs Nakaia heard the princess’s voice once more.

“Oh yeah, this is makeup. I’m an actress in a upcoming science-fraction movie!”

Nakaia giggled and whispered the mistake in to Shaela ear, the Helsian woman just smiled and nodded her head, gesturing that they should continue. They took a seat on the edge of the dance floor and waited.

“Samla. Keep an eye on the stairs, we don’t want the princess joining the conversation at an inopportune time.” Shaela commanded.

“Oooh, this sounds juicy!”

“Just do it!”

“Alright miss grumpy pants!” laughed Samla as she turned to face the stairs.

Hours passed, and no sign of her contact. Nakaia was getting restless. Samla had been sent downstairs to check on the princess and only recently returned.

“Not that I don’t like hanging in bars with you ladies, but where is this contact of your Nakaia?” she asked as she sat back down.

“I don’t know, she should be here – she owns this place.”

Shaela turned to face Nakaia “Well if she’s not here in 15 we’re lea-”

“Wait!” Nakaia interrupted, “I think that’s her.”

She jumped out of her seat and raced across the dance floor to intercept the woman. She got within a few feet and called out her name.


The woman turned around and stopped in her tracks, she wasn’t expecting to see the Orrix here in person, but they were friends once so she closed the distance between them and smiled.

“Nakaia, is that really you?” she asked.

“In the flesh. What’s happening in the life of Bella Korlaan?”

“It’s Bella Goth now, and we have a lot to talk about.”

Nakaia nodded and directed Bella to the couches that Shaela and Samla sat on.

“Yes we do old friend. Yes we do.”

20 thoughts on “Chapter 54”

    1. Thanks! It just made too much sense, I didn’t know much about the sims lore, with Sims 4 being the only game in the series I’d played, but the Bella disappearances was the one thing that stuck.


  1. I love that you used Bella in this 🙂 Finally an explanation to what happened to her. Wasn’t her last name Bachelor before getting married? Did she get another name when abducted?

    Science Fraction! LOL! They must have thought she was an actress that had one too many at that bar.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. In this version of Bella, she’s always been Xaabosian with the Surname Korlaan, but she was placed on Earth/Terra as a spy. Her disappearances/abductions were just her… going home for brief moments.

      Hehehe! I love that line of Leyva’s! 😀


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