Chapter 67

Soul Searching (Part 1)

Sleeping LeyvaAfter what seemed like forever, my face numb, my eyes red and puffy and empty of tears, I was finally able to fall asleep. My dreams of that evening were of a childhood that I had forgotten. Memories of a time that I had buried, deep within my subconscious came flooding back to me wave after wave.

Mean Leyva 1

Mean Leyva 2I tormented poor old Orlaan the gardener regularly. Often yelling at him to fix the garden, even though there was nothing wrong with it. Father would yell at him for neglecting his job, that was until he found out it was me that was sabotaging the old man’s work.

Mean Leyva 3If it wasn’t sabotage. It was just me being downright rude. I ridiculed him non-stop, belittled him for being old. He knew he couldn’t do anything about it, and this just made me bolder.

Moody Levya 3It wasn’t just him, it was everyone. I would lash out at my father almost every chance I would get. Complaining that I had no independence, “Why haveΒ  Shadows if you won’t use them!” I demanded once.

Moody Levya 4“You need to earn your independence Leyva.” I remembered father saying. Those words just incensed me, I screamed and told father to get out of my sight.

Moody Levya 5Imagine that, the future Xaabosian Emperor being told by a petulant teenage brat to go away!

Teasing Leyva 1Besides my brother Jett, Nakaia was the only one in my same age bracket. She was older than me by many years, but she was still considered a teenager. I was forever teasing Nakaia, who at this point was just a member of the royal house. She was still growing in to her voice, and I revelled in calling her a seagull, or a banshee.

Teasing Leyva 4I liked to mock and tease her, because every now and then she would fight back. Not afraid to go toe to toe with a Xaabosian princess.

Teasing Leyva 3Teasing Leyva 6I recall Danica, one of grandfathers servants trying to break us up when we were getting a little too rough with each other.

Teasing Leyva 7I was provoking Nakaia when Danica swooped in and laid a hand on me, trying to pull me aside and break up what was probably going to be a brawl. I turned around and snapped at her.

Mean Leyva 5“How dare you touch a princess! I’ll have you whipped!” I remembered saying. Father refused, he was always weak I used to always think back then, so I went to grandfather, the Emperor, and he obliged my wishes.

Loving MotherMy thoughts shifted to my mother. She was the one thing that kept me centred. One word from her, a single hug, and I would forget all the darkness that I had inside me. And I had a lot of darkness.

Mean Leyva 6Bored LeyvaFather wore the brunt of it. I don’t know why, he was just an easy target. He’d learnt early on to avoid me. Which just made it worse when I finally bumped in to the him.

Avoiding LeyvaThere was one time when I caused poor Nakaia to cry. I shuddered in my sleep when I recalled the memory.

Stargazing With Nakaia 1In a rare moment where we weren’t attempting to claw out each others eyeballs, Nakaia and I had slipped out at night to watch the stars. It was beautiful, seeing all those stars within the cloudless sky.

Stargazing With Nakaia 3

Stargazing With NakaiaWe lay there quietly for a long time. Just pointing out anything of interest as it passed our field of vision. Content to just be in each others company.

Stargazing With Nakaia 4“Look!” Nakaia called out excitedly, “It’s Seimia, my homeworld!”

I don’t know why I did it. We were having such a good time. I turned to face her, with a smirk on my face, “How does it feel to be completely alone in the galaxy, with no one to love you?”

No fighting, no words. She just got up and ran away. I could hear her terrible screeching cries, but the raw emotion that came with that voice shook me to the core.

Leyva Loves Her MummyI went to seek comfort from my mother. I couldn’t go to Nakaia, not after what I had just done. She hugged me tight, and told me everything would be alright.

Jett Sneaks Up On LeyvaJett had chosen that time to sneak up behind me and give me a fright. Mother got out of the way as the two of us fought.

Mean Leyva 7Moody Levya 7When Jett had, had enough of my attitude he left for his room, leaving just mother and me.

Sick MotherShe was clutching her temples, and looked to be in considerable pain.

“Are you okay mother?” I remember asking.

“Worry not darling, it is but a headache.”

Leyva Yells At MotherSo why did I then choose that moment to launch in to my own mother? The one grounding force in my entire universe. “Why didn’t you warn me about Jett!”

“I didn’t see the harm in it.” she replied.

I was furious, why was I so furious? “I hate you!” I screamed, “I never want to see you again!

And I stormed off to my room in a fit of rage. Those were the last words I ever spoke to my mother. She passed away that very evening.


26 thoughts on “Chapter 67”

    1. I know, I wanted to jump through the screen and give them both a giant hug!!! Leyva keeps that part of her life buried beneath her cheerful charm, because she’s ashamed of it. The news of her father, and Shaela’s words kind of brought it all back.

      Liked by 4 people

      1. I know! I hope she can channel these feelings into good. But I think she’ll need some help for that to happen and I don’t think she’s ready to share that part of her life. She’ll let me know next time I try to write about her.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Whoa. I wouldn’t EVER have imagined that seemingly innocent, naive princess as such a brat! Wonder what made her change… And all of a sudden I understand why she wanted to return so badly after learning about her father’s death and take revenge! All this anger may be past but deep inside, it’s hard to change.

    Liked by 1 person

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