Chapter 66

Don’t Shoot the Messenger

Lets Check This Place Out“Well, what do you say we take a look around this place.” Shaela asked, suggesting that they leave the Bonding Chamber for a tour of their new home.

“Good idea Red, let’s go!”

The two of them left the chamber, Bella leaving the door unlocked so they could get out. The first thing they did was walk into a room that was a kitchen.

Living Quarters 3“Ooooh.” Levya mouthed, “This is very fancy!”

They moved on back out into the living quarters where they saw another door, down by the lounge area.

“Thay must lead to the sleeping quarters.” Shaela said, and beckoned Leyva to follow.

Bedroom HallwayThey entered a dimly lit hallway and found four doors in front of them. Walking forward they opened the door to the right first and as they expected found a bedroom.

Shaela's Room 1Shaela's Room 2It was sparsely furnished, but had the bare necessities. They moved on and entered the room opposite this one, and found another bedroom – only this one was more extravagant.

Leyva's Room 2 Leyva's Room 1“I bags this one!” called out Leyva and she jumped on to the bed, spreading her arms out as if to hug the piece of furniture.

Leyva's Room 3Shaela looked around the room. The size of it scared her. She wasn’t used to such large living quarters, growing up under the mountains of Helsia Deep, space was a luxury and not even her family had it.

“That’s fine,” she finally stated. “I’m not used to such large quarters anyway. The other room suits me.”

Seen the SightsAfter their quick tour they sat down together and just smiled. This was their new home, and it was wonderful.

“Oh, Bella said she was going to leave a tablet!” Leyva hopped up from her seat and raced to the counter where the tablet was placed. She ran back to the sofa and sat back down next to Shaela.

Shaela Tries To Get Leyva's Attention“It says that we’re locked down here. That outside door will only open for Bella.”

“That’s understandable,” Shaela mentioned, “Can’t have aliens running a mock throughout town can you?”

Leyva laughed, “You doofus!”

“What else does it say?”

“We can program the inner door ourselves. Bella recommends eight hour days to start with, but she warns us that once inside the door will lock until the programmed time is up.”

The Girls Read the Instructions“Makes sense. I’ll leave the time up to you.”

Leyva gave Shaela a flat stare, “How nice of you.”

“Go on.”

Discussing the Chamber“We have to work together when we are in there. We can achieve bonding in many different ways, fitness, logic, meditation and yoga.”

“Uh huh, what else?”

Leyva scanned the contents within the tablet. “Oh this is good. You can still enter the Chamber outside of programmed times, and it works as a regular simulation chamber. I wonder if I could get Betsy in here somehow?”

Shaela laughed, “I’m sure you’ll figure out a way.”

“That’s it. She’s added the pin-code to the door at the end, and instructions on how to program the door. Now, let’s see what else this thing can…”

– And the Llamacorn’s have the ball. They’re playing a possession game, and… –

“Oooh, I’ve heard of this game! Football I believe it’s called?”

Shaela nodded her head, “Unless your from America, and then it’s called Soccer I think?”

“Yeah that’s right!”

*   *   *Reading Over the TabletLeyva was distracted by the game that was streaming through the tablet. Shaela was dreading what must come next. She had to tell Leyva about her father. Damn Nakaia and her need to keep this a secret! she thought to herself. She turned to face her friend.


“Hmm?” she turned straight back to the tablet and continued to watch the game of football with a look of wonder in her eyes.

“I have some important news to tell you.”


“Leyva! Would you look at me.” her sternness snapped the princess out of her private little world. When she had her full attention she just let it out, her Helsian upbringing preventing her from sugar-coating it to ease her friends pain.

“Leyva, your father is dead. Korv killed him.”

Shaela Tells Leyva The TruthLeyva looked like a stunned mullet, “Wha- WHAT!”

“Korv apparantly knew of secret passages within the Water-Palace and snuck into your fathers chambers and murdered him. He then went about destroying the Water-Palace and everyone that stayed behind to defend it.”

“Ho- How do you know this? Communications with home are cut out due to Pyroxius.”

Leyva didn’t believe her. “The captain received a message about a week before we landed from a friend of his that had stopped off for supplies on Xaabos, I found out a couple of days ago when I interrogated Nakaia for the information.”

Leyva Snaps At Shaela“So you are telling me that you knew about this for about a week and didn’t tell me!?!”

Shaela nodded her head. She hated where this was going, but there was no backing down now.

“How could you Red! If I had known we could’ve turned around and gone home!”

“That is precisely why we didn’t tell you.” Although she agreed wholeheartedly with the princess, she chose to own the decision as if she had planned this with Nakaia. “Your father wanted you safe. Racing back wouldn’t change anything!”

Which was true, but it was of little comfort to Leyva as she launched in to Shaela with a verbal assault.

“You just wanted to keep it a secret so that you could bond with me for your own selfish needs!”

Shaela stood up, in a rage now. “So what if I did!?! Bonding is perhaps the only way to ensure your safety princess. Perhaps it’s time you start thinking about your people other than yourself!”

Shaela Steps Into Her RoomShaela stormed off. She was tired, it had been a long night and that fight with Leyva had drained the last reserves of her energy. She locked the door behind her and fell on to her bed, her eyes closing the second her head hit the pillow.

Leyva Steps Into Her RoomLeyva wasn’t far behind her. She was furious, but also shocked that Shaela had spoken to her like that. Is that how she saw her, as a spoilt brat? She closed her door behind her in a foul mood. Sleep wouldn’t come easy tonight, as soon as the rage subsided, the grief would be there to take over.

Leyva Is Grumpy


16 thoughts on “Chapter 66”

  1. I love these two. I love this story the most when it enters into the whole Xaabos world–when it’s cut off from the world of the Goths and the Landgraabs. Then I feel like I enter into the shared experience of Shaela and Leyva.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s neat to have the pre-mades and recognizable worlds, though, for the contrast just makes the Xaabos context stand out that much more! Plus I love this identity for Bella.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. It’s funny. I never planed to have any pre-mades in the world. I’d evicted them all and just hadn’t gotten around to deleting them for this particular save. When I’d decided they were going to earth, it just sort of fit to introduce Bella like that. I’m glad you like my version =)

        Liked by 1 person

  2. The princess was acting like a princess even before she heard the news. She grabbed the better bedroom for herself. I think she is not thinking clearly right now as this is devastating news. I’m glad that Shaela told her like it is.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh, he’s fine, the Helsian’s love the charismatic dude. Although they (the Chief and his wife) orchestrated a fake execution to keep him safe, luckily that news hasn’t filtered down to Leyva! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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