Chapter 107




At last, I thought to myself as I disconnected from the call to the emperor, the fun can truly begin.


“X.I.N. initiate Imperial Edict: 704! Authorization Code: Alfa-Sierra-Echo-Five-Two-Eight.”


“Right away, master!” X.I.N. replied, I’d programmed X.I.N. to have a seductive, woman’s voice and it sent shivers up my spine every time it called me master.


X.I.N. refreshed a dozen screens at once and brought to the forefront a screen which required two more codes, one from the emperor and the other, the paired version from my Shadow Manual.


The code from the emperor arrived a few seconds later and I input that followed by my own paired code.


“Master, are you sure you would like to initiate Imperial Edict: 704?” X.I.N. asked one last time, the final failsafe put into place.


“Do it!”


A countdown timer appeared on the main monitor, sixty minutes was all that this world had left, it was time for me to make my escape, but first…


  “X.I.N. I would like to make a phone call,” I called out, unable to hide the excitement in my voice.


“Of course, my master, who would you like to call?” X.I.N. answered.


“Bella Korlaan.”

6 thoughts on “Chapter 107”

  1. You… blond… evil… crystal! (That will be my worst insult for the characters of this story, lol) Hate him already, Korv at least tried to resist while we don’t even know if this one has had contact with the crystals. Probably not since he’s on Earth

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nah, he’s just straight up evil. A relic from the old Emperor Zorr days – he relishes causing mayhem and chances are, he doesn’t even know about the crystals so it might come as a shock to him when/if he returns home!


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