Chapter 44

Heat Rising (Part 4)

As it grew closer and closer to the Hot Summer, the defenses for the Water Palace was starting to take shape. Admiral Davi was impressed with what they had accomplished in such a short time. Still, it may not be enough.

She peered down the to the Kill Zone where everyone was working hard to get everything prepared before Pyroxius arrived. Ensign Mast had done wonders setting up the gun emplacements.

Fully automated, with a override for manual fire – they were old but they would do the trick. Anyone that breached the gates would be turned in to soup in seconds.

“There you are Admiral.” the emperor called out, Alfran a step behind him.

“I must admit Your Imperial Majesty, we have achieved much more than I had hoped for.” Admiral Davi said. “Alfran, what’s your take on the defenses?”

Alfran hadn’t been in the military himself, but his San’Dreki tech gave him all the information he needed to provide a basic analysis.

“The gun-towers are fitted with old cannons, yet the computerized targeting system inside the towers is state-of-the-art.” he started. “Same with the Kill Zone, but there’s enough fire-power down there to make that a non-issue.”

“Agreed. Continue.” nodded the admiral.

“The roof-top defenses are a strong-point. There is no internal access, troops will be air-lifted in to place. There is enough cover up there to keep them safe from ground-fire and the A.I.M’s will give them cover from hostile fliers.”

“Is that all?” asked Admiral Davi with a raised eyebrow.

“No. Although it is a strength, there is a concern. If the enemy were able to get forces on to the roof, those soldiers up there would be on their own – if we lose them then we lose air superiority.”

“Very good Alfran, nice to know that San’Dreki tech isn’t wasted.”

“So we are ready?” asked the emperor. A hopeful undertone to his question.

“As ready as we can be.”

“Good. I’m heading inside, this heat is unbearable!” complained the emperor as he descended the stairs and whistled a cheery tune.

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