Chapter 14

8-Bit (Part 3)

A Community Lot by: jafhsdf

Eyes On The Prize

I sat at a table on the upper level of the bar, shrouded in shadows as I stared down at the group of woman that my target was a part of. My contact in the palace had warned me that they may have been compromised, but my identity, and more importantly my invitation to the princess’s birthday party was still intact.

At one point though, I could’ve sworn that, that damn Orrix looked up at me and smiled. She will be at the party, and she will be alert if what her contact said was true. I silently cursed that fool for arousing suspicion, my job just got a whole lot harder – perhaps I should negotiate pay when I get home tonight?

It would’ve been so easy to strike tonight, but that was not my orders – At the party, public and brutal. That was all it said, I enjoyed these types of jobs, where the finer points are up to you to flesh out. And especially the ones which needed to be public and brutal, those were my speciality.

I silently stood up and climbed the stairs, nothing else could be accomplished this evening. I shot one last look down at my target and smiled, soon my dear, soon.

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