Chapter 29

Recovery? (Part 1)

Emperor Saarang sat outside the recovery room where his daughters best friend lay in a bed, unsure if she will survive or not. The poison had nearly reached her heart before they got her medical attention, the medics were not optimistic about her chances.

His usually trustworthy steward sat next to him. “You have some explaining to do Alfran!” demanded the Emperor.

“I don’t understand, Sage and I have known each other for years.”

“Well either you are a poor judge of character, she’s been playing you all along, or you were in on the plot fro-”

“I would nev-”

DON’T INTERRUPT ME!” shouted Saarang. The whole incident had frayed his nerves, his own nephew had schemed this and then ran off in the confusion. He would have to track him down and deal with him, harshly.

*   *   *

Inside the room, Leyva and Nakaia watched over the injured Shaela.

“I’m sorry Princess.” whispered Nakaia, the emotion in her voice let Leyva know that she blamed herself for this, “I should have seen this, I should ha-”

“Nonsense Nakaia, the only one to blame is Korv.” replied the princess, she reached over and grabbed the Orrix’s hand and squeezed gently. A tear dropped on to Leyva’s hand before the Half-Neneui returned the gesture.

“Thanks Leyva.”

Galvex awoke with a start. “Her breathing has slowed. She is fading again, shall I shock her once more?”

“Do it.” The girls said in unison.

The servo-bot stood up and walked over to the bed. He pulled the sheet covering Shaela down, her skin was so pale and covered in sweat – it did not look good. Galvex issued a violent shock of electricity in to the Helsian woman’s body and all three of them hoped for the best.


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