Chapter 72


I slip out of my room unnoticed and head to the bathroom, where I clean myself up. I look into the mirror and wonder, who is this child staring back at me? Someone who only thinks of herself, someone who goes about life avoiding the big problems, avoiding anything that may cause conflict.

Reflecting Upon LifeNo longer will I be this child. A change is in order, I will become the woman my people need.

*   *   *

Leyva Approached Shaela 1As I should have guessed, Shaela was training. She’d spawned some fitness equipment and was working out on the heavy bag. I approached quietly, yet she knew I was coming, how did she do that?

Leyva Approached Shaela 2 I stop about five feet away from her and clear my throat. “Red?” I say, and Shaela stops her workout and turns around.

Shaela Turns To See LeyvaAt first she doesn’t notice anything. But when she does, a shocked expression is plastered on her face.

Shocked ShaelaWhoa!

“Let’s get started shall we? I’ve wasted enough time with my antics.”

“Bu- But Leyva, what did you do!?!”

Leyva's New Look 2“This is the new me. I need you to teach me how to be a fighter like you.”

“Um… Okay, we have two years. I can do something with two years.”

I smile, no youthful exuberance. The situation didn’t call for it. “And no going easy on me Red. I expect to be worked to the bone!”

What An Expression!!“Ahhhh… Are you sure about that? You’re not exactly in the fittest sha-“

Leyva's New Look“That was an order!” Where did that come from? Was that me? Shaela looked at with, stunned. I’d never spoken to her like that, presumed to give her an order. Yet after she got over her initial shock, she nodded her head.

Shocked Shaela 2“Okay princess, have it your way. Rest up, we start first thing tomorrow morning, and if you don’t hate me by the end of the day I will be extremely surprised.”

The Training Can Begin“I welcome the challenge.” I say with a smirk and return to the living quarters wondering how bad tomorrows training could actually be.


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