Chapter 10

The Orrix (Part 2)

Emperor Saarang sat at his desk awaiting his operative. The lights that scattered the room dim, allowing long, thick shadows to encroach his space. He liked to keep it dark during his clandestine meetings; it fitted the mood and direction that these discussions went perfectly.

Nakaia entered the room without so much as a “Your Imperial Majesty” and sat down on the stool in front of his desk. Saarang cared nothing for formalities, and expected nothing less from his operative than what had already been displayed.

The emperor stood, “Drink?” he offered as he switched on his pyramid galaxy and reached for the bottle of fire-wine.

“No, let’s just get down to business shall we.” replied Nakaia in her melodic voice that Saarang had grown accustomed to. The lights from the pyramid galaxy reflecting off her rainbow coloured scales.

Nakaia was perhaps the only thing from his father’s rule that he appreciated. She was half Neneui, an underwater race from the planet Seimia. Taken off-world by her father, rumoured to be a Nebula-Runner but not even Nakaia knows the truth about this. It would make sense considering he abandoned her on Xaabos before she was even 10, unable to handle her screeching voice.

His father recognised what she was. He took her in, raised her amongst the royal house. And when she came of age and her voice had matured in to the rich and pure one she has today, he used her to further his own goals.

She had a gift that was exceptionally rare amongst that race, a singing voice that was so rich and pure that they could manipulate those around them. Saarang understood that hers wasn’t as strong as those that lived on Seimia, as she wasn’t sent to the chantry when she was a child she had no guidance on the use of her power, everything that she learnt was through her own will, trial and error.

When his father finally passed away, he offered to release Nakaia – unwilling to use her in the same capacity unless she wanted to. She refused, and instead requested that her role be made permanent. That is when the title of Orrix was created, a term that both represented Nakaia’s surname and her job as his ‘Master of Shadows’.

The emperor sat down once more, “As you are aware, I am hosting a celebration for my daughter’s birthday. And at this same event she will choose her bond.”

Nakaia nodded, “Of course.”

“I have a job for you on that evening.” Saarang pointed to the tablet on his desk, “All the fine details are in there.”

Nakaia picked up the tablet and browsed through the mission profile. “Oh! Seduction, misdirection, shilling and even a heist! This is going to be fun!” she leaned forward in her stool and batted her eyelids, “I’m going to need to practise.”

The emperor smiled. She enjoyed this work, and she was damn good at it. He blushed and felt a sense of overpowering lust envelop him, he knew what was happening – she’d done this to him before, at times he would let her but not today. “Glad to see you approve. But please practise that particular aspect on someone else”

Nakaia stopped singing, stood up and gave her most convincing mock bow, “As you wish Your Majesty.” turned around and swept out of the room; leaving Saarang with a sense of longing that he knew would last for a while.

Well, I think I’ll go have a cold shower, he thought to himself.


9 thoughts on “Chapter 10”

  1. You know the first time I read this I barely paid any attention to the emperor (I mean, he’s only the ruler of the planet lol). He’s such a great guy, I’m enjoying his subtle humour and understated wisdom. Though I do remember what happens.

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