Chapter 71

Soul Searching (Part 3)

Leyva Wakes UpI wake up from my dream, but I am in a strange place. This is not the bed that I went to sleep in, where am I? I hear voices coming from below me, a floor down. They sound familiar, yet I cannot put a face to the sound. I jump out of my bed and head downstairs.

Levya Spots Her ParentsI round the corner, towards where I hear the voices and I stop in my tracks. It can’t be… My parents?

Amara Approaches LeyvaThe woman that looks like the spitting image of my mother stands up and walks towards me. This can’t be real, if it is a dream it is a cruel one. I stand there dumbfounded, unsure of what to do.

Can't Believe Her Eyes“My baby girl!” the woman cries. The voice is exactly how I remembered it, I look in to her eyes and it feels real.


“It’s me my little sweetheart.”

Mother Daughter Moment

I didn’t care if this wasn’t real, I was going to milk every single moment I could out of this dream. I rushed to my mother and pulled her in to my arms.

Mother Daughter Moment 2“I’m so sorry Momma, I’m so sorry.” I started to bawl my eyes out. My mother just whispering soothing words into my ear until I’d stopped crying.

“I know you blame yourself for what happened. But it was my time, it wasn’t your fault”

Family Moment 1“I- I know. I just wish I’d said something different to you that night.” I said as I disengaged from my mothers arms and looked over to my father, he was young again.

“Well, now that you two have caught up, what say we go outside into the cool air and chat huh?” he offered with his characteristic smile.

Family Moment 2We followed his suggestion and headed outside, the temperature was cool so I changed into a jumper and some jeans. I sat next to my mother while my father roasted a hot dog over the fire-pit.

“How is this possible?” I asked, “You two here, and father, you being young again.”

“Well that’s simple dear, you’re dead.” My father replied in a deadpan voice without even taking his eyes off his hot dog.

WHAAAAAT!“Wha- What!!!”

My mother gave him a withering stare, “Don’t be an ass honey. That’s his idea of a joke, don’t listen to him.”

Family Moment 3

“You jackass!” I laughed and gave him the same stare as my mother did moments before.

Family Moment 4“What, it was funny?” he laughed as he plated up his delicious looking hot dog and marvelled at how alike the two woman were.

Family Moment 5

He took a bite out of his meal before continuing, “Someone explained this place to me as a Crossroads. A place of countless possibilities. Some people come here when they die – like your mother and I, where they await their next life. Others enter this place when they dream. This is what you are doing now.”

“So this place isn’t real then?” I asked, still a bit confused about this place but going along with it nonetheless.

Mother Daughter Moment 3“Oh it’s real.” My mother replied, “I think this place sensed your distress and brought you to us.”

“You make it sound like this place is a living, breathing thing?”

“It kind of is. It’s hard to explain, but it feels like each of those stars above is a person. Each governing their own portion of this realm.”

Mother Daughter Moment 4“That sounds so weird.” I whispered as I looked up into the sky.

The rest of the night, the three of us just talked – about nothing and everything. It was nice to just relax beside them, knowing that my mother didn’t blame me for all of my cruel words and actions.

“Your father was telling me about this Helsian girl, Shaela is it?”

“Red.” I nodded, “That’s what I call her. She is… the best person I’ve ever known.”

My mother smiled, “Hold on to her, she seems like a grounding influence for you.”

I felt like something was tugging at me. “I think I need to go?”

Farewell Hug“You are waking up. Quick give me a hug, I am so proud of how you’ve turned out!” My mother pulled me into her arms, and I was content in this moment. She withdrew and then pulled out her phone with a smile, “Now a photo for the road.”

Farewell SelfieShe took a picture, and then I saw my father next to me. “Don’t forget me!” he said as he wrapped his arms around me. I closed my eyes and smiled.

Farewell Hug 2The urge to leave was getting stronger now. I didn’t want to go, but I could not ignore that feeling. I said my goodbyes and left my parents outside to return to my room.

Leyva Goes To BedI hopped into my bed, a weight lifted from my shoulders. I closed my eyes, and the lights went out.

Nigh Nighs!*   *   *

Dead Lovers ThoughtsBack in the Gallery…

“She is beautiful Saarang!” Amara declared cheerfully. “You did a wonderful job raising her when I was gone.”

“I’m afraid that she did that herself, I was a wreck when you left us.”

Amara looked up as the light in her daughters room went out. A clicking sound indicating that she had left this realm. “I fear for her my love.”

Saarang pulled his wife into his arms. “She is stronger than even she gives herself credit for. She will be fine.”

*   *   *

Dream OverI wake up, and I am back in my room beneath the Goth Mansion. The dream of the previous night still fresh in my head. My stomach growls, it feels like I haven’t had food for days. I check my phone, and it is two days since I found out the news about my father.

Mysterious MessageThere is a message notification flashing on my screen. It was from an unknown number. I navigate my way through the menus of my phone till I get to the message.

PXT From the Beyond– I will always love you my baby girl –

It was real? It was real!

Reaction FaceIt was real!?!

I think I need to lie down just a little bit longer…

Think I Need To Lie Down



8 thoughts on “Chapter 71”

  1. “Well that’s simple dear, you’re dead.” My father replied in a deadpan voice without even taking his eyes off his hot dog” I laughed harder at this than I should have 😉 Such a funny guy. I loved this chapter.I loved that she got a “visit” from her family and the photo at the end was a beautiful touch. 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

  2. I like seeing those three reunited and so happy. They sure have some harmony between them now that Leyva has become a bit more mature. It was such a beautiful way to finally take her leave and hopefully be able to go on.
    Unfortunately, we won’t see more “jokes” from the emperor. *sniff* I miss him!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I wanted to explore the whole “The Gallery is like a Crossroads.” thing I suggested in my Spa Build series that the Emperor and Amara starred in, so I brought them back for this sweet little piece. 🙂


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