Chapter 35

Recovery? (Part 7)

– Red –

There it was again, that voice. So far away, so sad, and getting more and more distant. I knew that voice from somewhere, but where? Some part of me knew that this place wasn’t real, the rest didn’t care  and blocked everything else out – I was with my love, Ymnir. Lost to me so long ago that just seeing him again brought back all the memories we had together.

This lakeside cabin was the same one that we spent the summer together before we both joined the military. The last summer that we spent together. It seemed only fitting that we were back here.

I stared into Ymnir’s blue eyes, they looked like perfect sapphires, and shone extra bright whenever he looked into my eyes. He nodded, he always had this uncanny sense of knowing what I was about to say just by looking at me. He picked me up in his arms, held me close, and threw me in to the lake.

“You arsehole!” I spluttered. I should’ve known he would do that. But before I could complain further he was right in front of me, those beautiful eyes staring right in to my soul. He pulled me in to a tender kiss and all was forgotten.

*   *   *

Time shifted, and we were inside the cabin. Ymnir stood in front of me once more, to my right I saw a hot-tub filled with steaming hot water.

“Well, it seems foolish to waste a perfectly good hot-tub?” I murmured seductively. Ymnir grinned foolishly and took my hand, leading me in to the hot relaxing water. Relaxing was the last thing on my mind.


2 thoughts on “Chapter 35”

  1. Wow. Steamy. He’s gorgeous. I’m loving the black and white. It brings out Shaela’s incredible femininity and beauty. I have a feeling this is a coma dream, pulling her to the afterlife. As sexy as her former lover is, resist, Shaela. I want you to live.


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