Chapter 80


“I hope you’re ready Keth!” called out Alfran as they watched their foes close in on them.

View From Above“As ready as I’ll ever be. But at least we’re not fighting each other.”

“I dunno,” replied Alfran as he backed into Keth. “At least that way I would’ve been guaranteed survival.”

Keth laughed, “Very funny Mr. Scorpion.”

They tensed up, ready for the battle to begin, when Alfran noticed a shimmering from one of the ground floor booths, two levels up from the pit. It looked as though the air around it was being displaced… Someone, or something was there.

Unexpected DeathBefore he could warn his friend, the thing dropped down into the pit. A fall from that height should have broken it’s bones but all that Alfran could hear from the impact was a muffled thud, and a startled grunt from one of their combatants.

Unexpected Death 2One Man DownThe man clutched his chest, and his face started to turn blue. Froth appeared from the corner of his mouth and blood started to seep out of his eyes. Poison. Before long the man was laying on the floor, dead. And the thing that was behind that displacement field revealed itself to them.

Smug SageA San’Dreki woman, one who Alfran had never seen before in his life. His memory banks could not recall anything about this woman, and yet he felt like he knew her.

A Small ReprieveWho Is This Mysterious Ally“Who are you?” Alfran asked, more than a little confused about the situation. As were the other combatants, who were clearly cautious of approaching the three fighters gathered in the middle.

Sage Reveals Herself“We’ve met before.” she offered, “At the Water-Palace.”

Suddenly it dawned on Alfran. He knew exactly who this woman was. Assassin, murderer, villain, monster.

Alfran Is Not HappyYou!” Anger exploded out of him like a raging fire-storm. “You killed my friend!”

Alfran Is Not Happy 2“N-No! She lives! She’s on Terra training with the princess!” replied Sage, she should’ve known that he may not have had all the information whilst in captivity.

“Not Shaela. The dancer you impersonated.”

Guilty Looking SageOh crap. I forgot about their connection.

Sage Offers Truce“Look, I can’t take that back, and any words I say will fall short. So take this.”

Sage produced a small cube to Alfran, and he gasped. She was offering him her ‘Kill-switch’, usually a gesture reserved for San’Dreki couples, yet this was no romantic offering.

“You have two choices steward. You take this cube, and trust me. Or I kill you, your friend, and everyone else down here, and disappear again.”

Alfran reached for the cube and recoiled at the last second. “What about the third choice? I take that cube, and I activate the kill-switch.”

“Then you will die. Make your choice, before I make it for you.”

Ready To Fight 1 Ready To Fight 4 Ready To Fight 5 Ready To Fight 2“Ahhhh, Alfran!” shouted Keth, his voice drowned out by the roaring crowd. “Perhaps we should take the girls offer. They look like they’re about to attack.”

Alfran turned to Sage once more, anger rising as he considers her motives. “How do I know this isn’t just some sort of elaborate gambit of yours? Cooked up by Korv!”

“Because Korv plans to destroy your people!” Sage snapped.

Alfran could see the truth in her eyes, he didn’t like it, and he still didn’t trust her, but he had no choice. Alfran snatched the cube from Sage and absorbed it into his skin, storing it into a secure hard-drive protected by a firewall. This was to protect himself from her trying to take over his neural-system.

Β “Fine! Get into place, and don’t make me regret this!”

Accord Has Been ReachedAnd as the three of them dropped into their defensive stances, the bell finally tolled and their opponents charged their location.

It Begins It Begins 2 It Begins 3The metal-bound Minotaur and the masked alien with the dead eyes held back, as the other three raced forward, swords in hand, ready to eviscerate their targets.

It's Go Time!Keth smiled and gestured for his opponent to attack, things were looking up. Perhaps with the aid of this woman, they would make it out of there alive.

Alfran Is Ready To Fight“Let me out!” cried the Scorpion. “You cannot trust her!”

Alfran just shoved the Scorpion aside and smiled. He was never one to believe in a glorious death, but if he was, this would definitely have all the makings of one.

Ready To Kill Once MoreA calmness rushed over Sage as she prepared to kill once more. This time however, the deaths meant more than padding her credit balance. This time, she had a purpose, and she meant to see this through to the end.

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  1. Okay. I didn’t expect this even after all the doubts Sage had… xD But I like it and I’ll eagerly help. Just let me take care of the… uh… frightening one with the adorable eh threatening bunny slippers!

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