Chapter 70

100% ?

General Introduces Bounty Hunters“Your Imperial Majesty, I bring you two of the finest Bounty Hunters that were in this sector.” General Dexu gestured to the two woman standing next to him.

Korv Eyes Up the BH'sKorv eyed up the two woman as if they were mere tools. One was a San’Dreki, that much was obvious to see. Yet the other, he’d never seen her like before in his life.

Korv was about to speak when a voice called out over the speaker, “You Imperial Majesty. Captain Grav has arrived.”

“Send him in.”

Xenglo Grav strutted in to room and stood two feet away from the emperor. Korv had no reason to fear him, he had leverage over the captain – the kind of leverage that would keep him in line.

Xenglo Explains“It is done. They are stranded on Terra.” Xenglo stated with a smirk on his face.

“Excellent work. And the Greyling?” asked Korv.

Korv Congratulates Xenglo“She lives.”

Korv slammed his fist against the arm of the chair. “Damn that San’Dreki! Failed on not one, but both targets!”

Xenglo Explains 2“Do you need me for anything else Your Imperial Majesty?”

He said the last part with a snarl, Korv just smiled and shook his head. “No good captain, you can go.”

Xenglo glowered at the emperor and showed himself out of the room, leaving the emperor with his general and the bounty hunters.

Korv & San'Dreki BH 1Korv stood up and moved towards the San’Dreki. “I don’t know if I should hire you, the last San’Dreki I employed did a terrible job of things.”

San'Dreki BH“I have never missed a mark yet.” she replied in a strangely sweet voice.

“Hmm… Perhaps. And what are you?” he nodded to the other woman.

“I am Sa’a Sixteen.” her lips never moved, but Korv could hear her voice inside his mind.

Sa'a Sixteen“What?”

“I am Sa’a Sixteen.” she repeated

Final PlansKorv sat down again. He could tell he wasn’t going to get much out of this one. She looked fearsome, and she carried with her a Sky-Shard blade.

“Okay, whatever. You two are hired, go to Terra and bring back the marks. The others, you can kill.” Korv leaned forward, “Five million credits to the one who brings them back alive.”

He dismissed the two woman and as the door shut behind them General Dexu turned to face the emperor.

“Surely you don’t mean to honour that price Your Imperial Majesty?”

Korv laughed, “Of course not Dexu, put it this way. The one who brings them back, I’ll destroy their home-world last.”

*   *   *

Major Watches BH's GoI stood at the outer door and watched as the bounty hunters approached. I smiled at them and watched them leave the property unaware that their races survival hung in the balance. My bug had heard everything, the emperor’s ultimate plan had been revealed. It was time to shed this disgusting skin.

Sage Appears 1My regeneration was complete. Now all I needed to do was eliminate those two, and make my way to Terra.

Sage Appears 2There’s someone there I really want to catch up with.

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  1. Phew, the bonding chamber better be secure beyond measure to keep a certain someone outside. Although I bet she’s patient enough to wait for two years if need be. Impatience wouldn’t fit an assassin of her skills.

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