Chapter 2

Introductions (Part 2)

“Shaela, is that you under that hood?” called out Samla, her brother Rene standing next to her as they watched the tall, lithe woman gracefully walk up to them. Her eyes shone brightly underneath her hood, a vibrant red to match the liquid fire that spewed up from the planets core to make the molten sea.

“Well if it isn’t the Zora siblings, all grown up and out on patrol!” Shaela chuckled.

“Run in to any Rockfiends Shae?” asked Rene as he took a seat on one of the nearby rocks.

“One threw a boulder at me, but none were stupid enough to engage.”

Samla laughed, “Only you would think of a Rockfiend throwing a boulder at you a minor inconvenience! What are you doing out here?”

“Needed to clear my head.”

“The Princess’s birthday?”


Shaela sat down on a rock as Samla prepared a fire for the three of them. They didn’t need it for the heat, there was plenty of that out here in this desolate wasteland – it was just nice to have the atmosphere of flickering flames.

“I know that as soon as that night is over, that’s it, so is our friendship.” Shaela continued.

“You don’t know that.” offered Rene weakly, but he knew the truth of it. They all did.

“Well” called out Samla, “You’ll always have the Stormers.” pointing to the lightning tattoo that she had on her left arm, the same one that was tattooed on her brothers, and everyone else that was part of “Shaela’s Stormers”.

“Greatest company in the world!” added Rene.

“No. Greatest company in the galaxy!” shouted Samla, a few nearby Rockfiends called out in protest over the noise, causing all three of them to burst out in laughter.

Shaela loved these two. They didn’t care one bit that she was Helsian, only that she got the job done.

“Thanks guys, I needed that.”

7 thoughts on “Chapter 2”

    1. Shaela my baby! 🙂
      It wasn’t easy, this scene I had to paint over parts of the surroundings that would instantly make you think of a sims lot, like the road, lights, and fences. Luckily the scene was set in one of the most barren parts of Xaabos, so I only needed to do rock or lava! 😀


    1. Yeah, there is still a lot of resentment from the Xaabosian side of things, Shaela’s rationale is that whoever Leyva chooses, won’t let Shaela anywhere near the Princess out of prejudice.


  1. This was awesome! I love your writing style so much, your word choice is great, your characters are diverse. I love how you are introducing them slowly, again leaving us with questions XD Now I feel like I HAVE to keep reading, I want to know if these two will be able to continue their friendship.

    Liked by 1 person

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