Chapter 93


Something doesn’t feel right, in my head.


Some of the things I have done, some of the things I have said, it is like a whole other person is performing these actions. Yet try as I might, I cannot banish these anomalies.


I’d always been a troubled child, ever since my family were murdered by the Helsian raid at Red Gentos I had a burning hatred for their race that I just could not hide.

All the hateful words I spoke to Shaela, they were me, the assassination attempt on my cousin Leyva and her pet Helsian, me, the splintering of the military and the eventual coup, me.

The regicide of my Uncle, the Emperor, that, was the other person, the one I met in the darkness.

I spent weeks down in that terrifying abyss, afraid that they would find the secret passageways and come for me, the only company I had were the bats and they weren’t very talkative.


It was at the time where I considered turning myself in for justice that I saw him. His arrival was heralded by a soft red glow that hummed with violent intent.


I was drawn to him like a moth to the flame. The glow pulsed slowly, beckoning me to come closer, and closer I came. Each step I took, the humming grew louder, more intense, increasingly violent. I started to hear whispers, incoherent voices that pleaded with me, I wanted to make these voices happy, so I kept walking. Closer and closer to him, and when I was within reach of his brilliance, I…


I can’t remember. The next thing I remember is blood on my hands, I don’t know how it got there but I instantly knew whose blood it was. The voices whispered to me, they told me I did a good job, they told me that I could shape Xaabos into a true power.


But the voices are a lie. I know this instinctively, I fight it with everything I have but I know it is a losing battle. Soon, he will take over, forever, and when that happens…


The whole universe will tremble.

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