Chapter 97



Every single day blends into one. Build rockets, upgrade rockets, build rockets some more. This primitive planet is only capable of building rockets with a single cockpit so we’re having to build four rockets and retrofit them with some of our tech to increase the crew capacity of each.


It’ll take a while for all of this to be complete, perhaps the whole two years that we’re here.


Galvex is capable of simple upgrades but we leave the more complex ones to Orion and my brother, Rene. I was doing the rounds when I noticed that something about Galvex didn’t look right.


“Hey, Galvex! Did you get a haircut?” I asked sarcastically, pointing at his missing horns.


“Why yes mum, I did. An attempt to fit in, you see. Now I look just look these idiotic natives.”


I laughed at his silly little joke, “I almost didn’t recognise you, Galvex. I actually thought that a local had snuck in and was trying to jam a potato up our ships exhaust!”


“Now that’s an idea!” Galvex exclaimed before going back to upgrading the ships.


I wasn’t entirely sure if that was a joke or not, so I made Galvex promise me that he wouldn’t, in fact, try to jam a potato up any of the exhausts. He grumbled his promise to me before I carried on with my rounds.


My investigations into President Bigfellow were at a standstill, there was only so much one could do from the outside. I’d exhausted all my skills in hacking, and while I’d managed to get a lot of information that others may have struggled with, it wasn’t enough to get a clear picture of his agenda, I needed to find a way inside.


I searched the web for days, looking for an opportunity. I ignored all else and when I found what I needed, I jumped at the chance.


This disguise will be perfect. I thought to myself as I looked into the mirror, there was no use wasting any time, I had an interview to get to!

I’d finished my rounds and was about to report to Nakaia. She’d become increasingly distracted of late, her obsession with the President interfering with her normal duties, the same duties that I’d taken responsibility for in her absence.


As I entered her quarters, I saw a woman with red hair and corporate attire exit the room. Nakaia was on the prowl, the Orrix had herself a new mission.


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