Chapter 22

The Party (Part 6)

“Is this seat taken?”

Shaela turned around to see Korv standing in front of the empty chair beside her. She groaned inwardly as she gestured for him to sit before going back to watching the girl called Sage dance.

She felt akin to the dancer. She moved like a warrior, each step meticulously planned, each action flowing through in to the next flawlessly. They said that sword-combat was a dance, “The Dance of Blades”, “The Dance of Death”, “Shaela Amaya is the best at the Dance” yet even so, Shaela had never seen anyone move as gracefully as her.

The dancer had finished her routine, and Alfran had come out of hiding to take the stage. Korv cleared his throat, trying to get Shaela’s attention. “Listen Shaela, I wanted to apologize for the other day.”

Wait, what! Shaela thought, as she turned around to face the man. What was even more confusing about those words, was the face that accompanied it. He looked absolutely genuine.

“I’m serious.” He said, as if reading the look plastered upon her face “I know that we’ll probably never see eye to eye, but I’ve come to respect you.”

“Um… Thank you.”

Korv smiled, “Have you met Galvex?”

“Yeah earlier. He’s… Interesting.”

“You can say that again. You should’ve heard the insult he threw at me.” He leaned over and whispered in to Shaela’s ear.

“Rockfiends don’t have dangly bits.”

Korv laughed, “No, but Galvex doesn’t always make sense.” He stood up, excused himself and started to walk away before turning around, “Oh, and Shaela?”

“Yeah?” she replied as she stood up herself.

“You look pretty tonight.”

Shaela stood there dumbfounded as Korv walked away.

*   *   *

Later on that evening, Princess Leyva and Shaela were back at the bar talking…

“I’m telling you, Korv was actually nice to me” Shaela said when Leyva thought that she was going mad. “It was really strange.”

“Well, maybe young Korvy is growing up at last” offered the princess.

“Hmm… Maybe.”


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