Chapter 46

En Route (Part 3)

Shaela’s POV

I am still haunted by that night. Not just the poison, but the fight itself. I think it is the realization that I am different. Leyva had told me that they found Sky-Shard dust on the roof, centred around by body. And when they tested it under the microscope they found that it had my DNA.

I have no idea what that means, I would need to speak to my father for that answer. But I remembered the feeling of breaking apart and reforming vividly. A strange sensation of speeding up, and the world around me slowing down at an equal rate.

Each particle stored a vast amount of force as I travelled forward in a million pieces, and when my body materialized together again the force increased exponentially. When I struck that woman’s face and felt it sunder beneath my fist, I was shocked. She had Sky-Shard bone-plating, I could feel it – yet I had crushed it as if it was paper.

In the meantime, I can train. Galvex has given me the all-clear but remains by my side to ensure that I do not overexert myself.

Does he know me so well already?

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