Chapter 15

The Girls Getting Ready

Tonight was the night, the night of Princess Leyva’s 118th birthday party. In only a few short hours, they would be heading to the Water Palace and the evenings festivities would begin.

The girls had disappeared to their own bathrooms to get ready. Shaela was of two minds, she tried on a short purple dress first and was unsatisfied with the result, people saw her as a warrior, a savage – why not give them what they want?

Nakaia had changed her hair colour and decided to go with a new style for the evening and a gorgeous orange ombre dress. The dress had a split up the side of it, perfect for giving those fools that would be her mission tonight something to look at.

The princess tried on many dresses, she almost went with a short one – oh the scandal it would have caused. Her father would’ve died from embarrassment if she chose that one. Instead she went for a long black dress, a long split running up one leg – let that be enough of a scandal, I’m sure father would forgive that, she thought to herself as she put on her crystal crown and struck a pose in the mirror.

And while the other two woman had sorted out their outfits for the evening, Shaela was still considering wearing her Sky-Shard armour. No, I am a woman. Let them see me as such! She thought to herself. She tried on two long dresses once she had put away her armour, there was just something special about that sequinned number – it really complimented her skin colour.

Well, this is it. Shaela said to herself as she gave herself one final look in the mirror before leaving the bathroom and heading to the cruiser that will take them to the Water Palace.

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