Chapter 63

Dinner at the Goth’s (Part 3)

Guests Start To Arrive“Do I smell smoke?” asked Nakaia as she wrinkled her nose at the smell. The guests had started arriving for the dinner party and Bella was more than a little flustered.

“Ah, would you believe I burnt the dinner?” she replied grimacing, “And almost the house.”

Nakaia laughed, “Yes! You are a terrible cook!”


“Well it’s true!” Nakaia giggled as she watched Bella’s face turn red. “Bella, you could cause a pot of water to catch fire!”

“True enough. But fear not, Mortimer is ordering pizza as we speak, it should be here any… Ah there it is!”

Leyva Unsure About PizzaMortimer set the box of pizza down, “They got the order wrong, we’re still waiting on the 2nd pizza.”

Bella shrugged her shoulders, “Oh well, no reason why we can’t dig in to this one!”

Leyva eyed up the round dish. It smelt good, so, so good. But she’d never had it before and was a bit sceptical about it.

“Wha- What is this?” she asked with curiosity.

“It’s pizza!” Rene offered, “I’ve heard about it but never tried it. This is going to be awesome!”

Knows Shes A Bad Cook“This is delicious!” exclaimed Leyva excitedly. She stuffed her face with another mouthful. “Dif uo mab dis?”

“Leyva, don’t speak with your mouthful!” snapped Galvex in a mocking manner.

Leyva Trying To Keep Her Cool Around Bella“Oh no, that’s alright. Pizza is the kind of food where that kind of behaviour is accepted. And no, I didn’t make this, we ordered it in.”

Most of the dinner was spent in silence as the guests devoured their meal to shared moans of pleasure as they took ravenous bites out of their pizza. But Galvex couldn’t help but stir up some trouble.

Yummy Pizza“So… Cassandra is it?”


“What’s it like sitting at a table with eight aliens?” Galvex asked mischievously.

Shaela & Galvy Playing AroundShaela gasped at the servo-bots words. “Galvex! You’re not supposed to talk like that!”

“I’ll do what I want, and not even you with your gorgeous red eyes can stop me!”

“Galvy, if you weren’t such a funny, somewhat weird guy, I’d scrap you and use your parts for a new toaster!” Shaela laughed.

“Well, there’s hope for me yet. A toaster is an improvement from a can-opener!”

Cass Overhears Aliens TalkCassandra looked over at her mother with a concerned look on her face. She was convinced that these guests were in fact aliens, it was obvious. But she only counted seven of them, where was the eighth?

*   *   *

As the dinner was finished and the guests headed upstairs to the living room for drinks and dancing, Bella took Nakaia outside for some privacy.

A Discreet Chat“Nice house Bella, it’s an improvement from the one we left you in last time.”

“Thanks, but that’s not why we came out here.” Bella replied with a knowing look on her face. “Why are you here?”

“The emperor was assassinated.”

Bella let out a shocked gasp. “How? More importantly who?”


“That spoilt little Gronyx-head!?!”

Nakaia nodded, “By now he would probably have named himself emperor and taken a wife.”

Bella now knew why Nakaia had come to her. It wasn’t because she was trying to get her back in to the fold, she needed what Bella had hidden, deep beneath her cliff-side home.

“Do you want to see it?” she asked.

Nakaia looked up and peered into Bella’s eyes. She’d figured it out, she knew that she would. Nakaia just nodded her head and stood up. Bella led her down two flights of stairs deep below the surface, and before long they stood in front of a locked door.

Bella Leads Nakaia To Secret Place“It’s in here. I assume it is the princess and the Helsian that will be coming down here?” Bella whispered. Sound carried down here, and while no one was in the garden outside, if someone was on the second story roof, they would’ve heard every word spoken if they weren’t careful.

Nakaia nodded, “Can we go inside?”

“Not now, I have guests to entertain.” Bella pointed back to the stairs, “Now come, we’ll bring the others down here when the evening wraps up.”


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