Chapter 87



In an unexpected turn of events, Senator Hank Edmonds, front runner for the Presidential Race withdrew from the race at 6pm this evening.


He was evasive in his reasoning, but when pushed by the gathered reporters, the Senator broke down and ended the press conference. His exit from the Presidential Race leaves the door wide open for Senator Bigfellow, who without a rival to run against, will be our next President.


Senator Edmonds sat and waited for his host. The events of earlier in the day had drained him of all energy, he hoped that things would go smoothly here, he didn’t have it in him to fight any more.

Syrus Bigfellow entered the room and poured the two of them a glass of scotch. Hank accepted the glass and joined Bigfellow on the other sofa. He knocked back his drink in one gulp and placed it down beside him.

“I have done as you asked.”

“I noticed.” chuckled Senator Bigfellow as he slowly sipped his scotch, “Quite the scene you caused on SNN tonight.”


“Release my daughter.” snarled Hank.

“Oh that’s right! I have your daughter, how foolish of me I completely forgot!”

“Don’t play coy with me Bigfellow!”


“Me? Coy? Never!”

Senator Edmonds was furious now. He had been blackmailed my his running rival, who had somehow kidnapped his daughter and was holding her for ransom. Now the insufferable man was making him squirm.


“Please Senator,” Bigfellow motioned to the other sofa, “Take a seat over there. I am only playing with you, your daughter is safe and I will call for her now.”

Hank felt relieved, he was at his wits end and he wanted this ordeal over with. He sat back on the opposite couch and waited.


“Oh Hannah!?! Please come in here.” called out Bigfellow cheerfully.

The sounds of high-heels could be heard from the next room, as well as an overpowering smell of expensive perfume.


Hannah Edmonds emerged from the next room dressed in expensive lingerie, she carried herself not as someone who had been held captive, and this confused Hank.


“Oh, speaking of never, I think I’ll hold on to your daughter now!”


“Hello father.” Hannah Edmonds murmured seductively as she stood there in barely any clothes at all.



Bigfellow stood up and threw his arms around the Senator’s daughter. Hank could hear his child moaning in pleasure as his rival kissed her passionately.


He tried to stand up and end this madness, but he felt weak. Something was happening to him. Poison. He fell to his knees, and was powerless to do anything but watch.


He turned his head away, he didn’t want to see this. When he did, he spotted his killer, the scotch.


As he felt his life rapidly ebbing away, he gave one last look to his daughter, hoping to remember the sweet child that she was, but all he could see was betrayal.


With a thud, Senator Edmonds collapsed to the floor and the two lovers broke away from their embrace.

“Well Hannah, shall we take this party somewhere more… private?”


“I thought you would never ask.”

7 thoughts on “Chapter 87”

  1. Good you explained the sense of this chapter in the comments, otherwise I’d have asked for it. While reading I was both highly confused but intrigued nevertheless. Poor old man, seeing his very own daughter
    smooch his arch enemy and know with his last breath that she’s betrayed him for the worst! 😦

    Liked by 1 person

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