Fauna: Gronyx



Drawing of Gronyx, courtesy of Marialein. 

There’s only one thing more stubborn than a Helsian, and that is the Gronyx. Perhaps that is because the Gronyx share a similar background to the Helsian’s? Like the Helsian’s, Skyshard Iron has mutated these beasts to what they are today:


A Skeletal System that is tougher than steel, thick heavy muscles, two sets of tusks, sharp enough to puncture even Skyshard itself and spines of Skyshard Iron that run from the Gronyx’s head to their tail – these spines are able to be discharged from it’s body if the beast feels threatened, this defense mechanism is currently being exploited by Skyshard Farmers, and while their methods are not exactly Gronyx friendly, it is much better than the alternative which is Gronyx hunting.

Their eyes are like rubies that shine under the sunlight, with pupils as dark as Obsidian. Their body is covered in short, bristly black hairs, but on it’s back, they’re covered with long red hair that is so course, that they’re sharp enough to pierce the flesh of your average Xaabosian, perhaps these hairs are laced with fragments of Skyshard also?

Female Gronyx, can breed only once in their lifetime, but their brood size is nothing short of… ridiculous. The average litter size is no less than three hundred, which is quite a sight to see when you witness a mother escorting her three hundred plus hoglets, don’t get too close or you’ll know firsthand how grumpy Gronyx’s can really get!

After they give birth, the female Gronyx go through another mutation. Much like the Helsian males continue to grow if they don’t take the serum that stops their growth, the female Gronyx will continue to increase in size, it has been rumoured that an ancient Gronyx the size of an Elephant, called “Grimmorcha” roams the land. To cross paths with her and live, is said to be an exceptionally good omen, not many have claimed that honour, she is a picky one, old Grimmorcha and good omens must be earned.


Thank you so much to Marialein, for turning my explanation of a Gronyx, and breathing life into her perfectly!

Please do me the favour of checking out her stories below:




15 thoughts on “Fauna: Gronyx”

    1. I’ve always had this scene in my mind of a Gronyx appearing from inside a bush,and you’re walking in front of it, and it has this look on it’s face, like it is trying to decide if it wants to charge you or just move along. When I saw your pic, that’s the feeling/look that I got! 🙂

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  1. Whoa, amazing drawing from Marialein! Gronyxs (how is the plural of that btw? xD) will be one of my favorite species now I guess… Great insult if you call somebody a Gronyx and they’re like “huh, what’s that?”.
    Why do I have to imagine Obelix hunting those though? 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You know what? I haven’t thought about the plural, can I be lazy and just say the plural of Gronyx is Gronyx? 😀

      Calling someone a Gronyx-Head is the Xaabosian equivalent of calling someone a dumbass! 😉

      I think even Obelix would have troubles with a Gronyx! 😀


      1. Haha, finally getting here with the actual story now. ^^ Sure, Gronyx is all fine as a plural I guess. You must know!
        Fun to say, Obelix came into my mind again while looking at the pic without reading my earlier comment. -.-

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Unless Maxis brings out Pets and allows piggies as a pet, and I’m somehow able to learn how to mesh the spines and hair, im aftaid the mighty Gronyx will be relegated to simple sayings, insults and the odd story.


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