Deity: The Harmony

The Harmony

Hello, X.I.N. here, providing you with another snippet of information that you may deem important. Admittedly, this one more speculative than informative in my opinion, but I leave it up to you to decide how much of this you wish to believe or not.


Little is known about the Harmony, the collective name given to a group of gods that live in between the third and fourth dimensions and only visit our dimension for brief periods of time. Often in response to something that threatens the balance of the universe.

They have not been seen for over two millennia and were believed to have been either destroyed or merely a myth. Stories of their feats in battle led many to accept that they were mythological creatures akin to the Lava Threshers that supposedly swam in the depths of the Molten Sea.

There are some that believe that they were not only real but still very much alive. Professor Eryx Cordu explains in this interview:

Crystal Cave

Have you ever gone down into one of the many Sky-shard caverns that litter the planet? The ones inside Helsia Deep are best, but naturally, these ones are harder to obtain access to, but any deep cavern will do. I was lucky enough to gain permission from the Helsian Chief to enter their mines, under guard of course, and was able to see first-hand the Harmony in the flesh… so to speak.

Crystal Cave Droplets

Deep within the earth, clusters of crystals litter the subterranean landscape, bathing the cavernous rooms in a beautiful, purple light. They hum as you draw near and fill you with a sense of peace. I felt all my worries wash away as I entered the largest hollow, the humming giving me goosebumps that were not at all unpleasant, like the ones you experience when you witness a truly magnificent musical display.


My Helsian guards were kind enough to share their knowledge. They saw these crystals as protectors of their home, warding off evil spirits. They told me that the reason they had come along was not due to a lack of trust, but to make sure that I did not stray from the chosen path. There is a red cluster of crystals that they say is related to these ones but is pure evil, those who go near it, never return.


These crystals are only found near Sky-shard, and Sky-shard is not natural to this planet, arriving on the back of a giant meteor that struck Xaabos over two millennia ago. Call me crazy, I know others do, but it is my belief that this meteor was, in fact, The Harmony’s vessel. Somehow it was disabled and fell from their realm into our own, scattering bits of their ship upon the descent and crashed into our planet, altering the landscape forever.


These crystals, are in fact, fragments of gods. Tiny fragments mind you, but when you step into a cave with thousands of these crystals in near proximity, this belief is hard to ignore. Is this what they are supposed to look like? No, I don’t think so, but I cannot speculate any further without further study.


Unfortunately, Professor Cordu would not complete his study. Emperor Zorr took exception to his interview and had the poor man executed. Since his death though, his belief has taken root and many others share this opinion that The Harmony are not just real, but among us.  

12 thoughts on “Deity: The Harmony”

  1. Poor Professor Cordu! I believe he was onto something! all those caverns are gorgeous. The red one made me cringe–it looked evil! (Great job on this! Really gives all of it such a realistic vibe. Shudders.)

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