Our “Totally Normal” Home.

Author’s Note: Before I start, this is a small story which showcases my latest build. The gallery links to the build and the sims used will be added at the end of the post. Until then, sit back, relax, and enjoy the tour.


Oh! Pardon me, I didn’t see you there. You’re here for the tour, aren’t you? Follow me!


I’m Sam Felton by the way. Before we take the tour proper, let me fly my drone up and get some aerial shots for you. Pretty nice huh? Well, let’s get started.


I live here with my brother, Dexter. We got along well enough, but just like any other siblings, we have our… moments.


This is the sight that greets you when you first enter our property, you’ll notice that water features quite prominently in our home. Let’s walk the exterior first before heading inside.


This is the play area. Neither of us have any kids, but it’s best to be prepared, right?


Just around the corner is another entry, this one leads to the pool and entertainment area. Speaking of the pool, I might take a quick dip.


Did you get a good look at the entertainment area? Pretty nice, right?


The bar is where you found me before we started the tour, and here we have our outside chef’s station and dining area.


And then we loop back around to the front so that we can enter the house, what do you think of the garden?


Welcome to our home. The entryway is pretty simple, giant fish tanks act as the walls here, hallways split left and right. I don’t know where Dexter is, but follow me I’m sure we’ll bump into him eventually. We’ll head right first and work our way around.


Here we have our kitchen and living room. Nothing too fancy, unless you count the massive entertainment system? Which you probably do, don’t you?


A small dining table just by the kitchen, but we tend to either eat in the living room or outside. That door leads to the “Geek-Zone” as Dexter likes to call it, I’ll leave that area for him to show off.


This corridor leads to our library, our reading nook, and that door leads to the entertainment area and our bedrooms.


What? This? No, it’s just a simple bookcase filled with boring books. The better ones are around the corner.


See? Much better, just through that door is our reading nook, I come in here when I need to chill out, or when Dexter annoys me… I come in here a lot.


Alright, let’s continue. Through the door in that long corridor, we enter the entertainment area. I occasionally have a go on that music thing, I’m not very good at it, as you can tell because I don’t even know what it’s called.


Oh, there’s Dexter!


Moving on, we have a chess room, if we’d taken the left doorway from the entryway, this is where we would’ve ended up. And down this corridor is our bedrooms and a small nook where we keep our piano and microphone.


This is Dexter’s room. He hates it when I snoop around, but the idiot doesn’t lock his door like I do.


And here is my room.


Phew, I’m knackered… Dexter, you take over while I take a nap. I haven’t shown them the “Geek-Zone” so you can take it from there.


Sure thing Sis, just let me get changed and I’ll be right with you.


Right, follow me, people. Straight ahead we have “Mission Control” and a whole bunch of other nerdy type stuff like a microscope, chemical analyser, and our observatory, but we’ll take a look at that later. First off, let’s go check out our launch pad.


No “Geek-Zone” is complete without a retro Arcade Machine, Fooseball and Cards.


Hmm… While I’m here, I might as well play some Spacies.


Oh yeah, rockets… We have two of them. They still need some tinkering, but they work well enough.


Winner, winner, chicken dinner!


Winning that game always puts me in an exceptionally good mood. Here is “Nerd Central” and through that door is the observatory.


It’s getting late, I bet Zamth- I mean, Sam is awake now. Umm… I gotta go, I don’t feel so flash.


Well, my idiot brother let the cat out of the bin, or is it dog in a barrel? I can never grasp these human sayings. Follow me, and I will show you the rest of the home. Just please, don’t freak out.


My real name is Zamthura Photon, and my brother and I are refugees on your planet. We mean no harm, but many of your kind just wouldn’t understand, that is why we hide ourselves from the world. You seem like reasonable people, so I feel comfortable revealing myself and our true home to you.


We come from an Ocean World called Taimea, which was destroyed when its’ star went supernova. This is probably the main reason why Fish Tanks and water is so prominent in our home.


Some of us are less graceful around water,though.


 Dexter’s real name is Drix and this is his true appearance. Anyway, back to the tour.


This is the entryway to our actual home. To the left is the Kitchen and Dining Area, with Bathrooms and Living Quarters branching off from there. To the right is my quarters, let’s go there first.


This is the Living Room portion of my quarters, you know when I said I spent a lot of time in the Reading Nook earlier? Well, replace that with here and you’ve got it right.


This is my Sleeping Quarters, it’s fairly basic, but it serves its’ purpose.


Just a bit further and we enter my private Bathroom. All the necessities and nothing more.


Back into the Entryway, we now turn left and enter the Dining Room. Not that it is an issue at the moment, but adults will sit at the table and the children will sit on the sofas.


Drix insists on every single appliance having a home on the kitchen bench. We don’t even use half of them!


To the left of the Kitchen is the Bathrooms. As well as a Steam Room which I like to use regularly, the fish seem to like it too.


To the right of the Kitchen is the Sleeping Quarters for the “General Population” AKA Drix. There are four rooms here and Drix likes to alternate.


There are only two more places to show you, let’s head downstairs. through the front door and straight across to the other security door.


Here is our Armory, we hope we never have to use it, but one must always be prepared.


And finally, we enter our training room. We can alter the gravity in this room to suit our training needs. Here you can see Drix hard at work, trying to master the simulator.

Thank you for joining us on the tour of both our homes. I hope that you keep the second home and our real identities to yourselves, just remember the Armory and I’m sure better judgement will prevail. Have a nice day!

Author’s Note: 

Thank you for joining Zam and Drix on the tour of their home. You can have Zam and Drix in your own game by grabbing them from the gallery, here. Their “Totally Normal” home is also uploaded to the gallery and can be downloaded from, hereI hope that you enjoy Zam & Drix and/or their home. Till next time!







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