I Bleed Black and Silver – Chapter 9

– Dinner Drama –


Well, this place is pretty flash! Eating dinner in style, like all champions should do! Yeah, that’s right, I just got the word from Coach Shields, and we’re all a go for Operation: Safety Net. Get it? Because Maseo is a goalkeeper? Anywho…


The holiday was coming to an end and soon we’ll be back in Newcrest, and back to the reality of a new season of football.

But before that, I’ve got to convince my parents to let Maseo and Mako board with us for a while. They’ll be totally sweet with it, but even so, it’s not an easy topic to bring up.


“Hey, so umm…”

“Evening, are we ready to order?” asked one of the waitresses.

“No, can you please give us a few minutes?” I replied, talk about bad timing lady!


“You were about to say something Nessa?” my mum asked, she’d sensed that I was a little bit nervous.


“So yeah, I umm… I kinda found a new goalkeeper for the ninjas and I convinced Coach Shields to talk to the Head of Medicine so that they could bring him along without dipping into the team’s recruitment funding which is kinda pretty much totally all gone… and-“

“Nessa!” Mum laughed at me, “Take a breath and slow down!”


“Right, sorry mum.” This is a lot harder than I thought it would be. “So yeah, you know how I met up with that guy I talked about, Hideki, earlier today? Well, his son is a goalkeeper, and a really good one, better than anything the Ninja’s have got.”

“Okay, and?”

“I kind of recruited him. But Hideki doesn’t have a lot of money, so I was thinking that we could foot the plane tickets and also give them board until they find their own place?”


Oh, oh! Mum has that tone of voice.

“Oh, right. I forgot that part. In order for Coach Shields to recruit him without using the recruitment budget, I kind of suggested that we bring over his cousin who is training to be a doctor, she’s super smart and a real asset for the school… Ah, academic-wise.”


“So you want us to not only foot the bill for two airline tickets but also invite two strangers into our house?”

“They’re not strangers, I met them earlier today,” I argued, but I could tell it got me nowhere.


“God mum, why do you have to make such a big deal out of it!?! It’ll be good for the Ninja’s and it’s the right thing to do!”

“There is no way, no way, that I am letting a strange boy live in my house and that is final!”


“Okay, you two. Before you take this outside, why don’t I make an alternative suggestion?” my dad chipped in, at the risk of his own life judging by the look my mum was giving him.


“Oh, sure! Let’s hear it, this had better be good.”

“Well, considering you didn’t really bat an eyelid at the airline tickets, we cover that and…”


“Are you really suggesting that we cave into her demands? I know she’s your little girl, but this is just too much!” Mum was getting really angry now, I’m totally regretting this now, poor dad!

“Can I finish?” he asked calmly, too calmly. Mum just gave him the death stare and nodded.

“Look, I’m sorry,” I blurted out, I didn’t want to cause any drama and this was turning into one massive trainwreck. “We can talk about this later, I didn’t mean to…”

“No Nessa, let your father speak, I’m dying to hear what he has to say.”

Oh crap, he’s in trouble.


“Right, so we foot the tickets, and we take in the girl. The boy can go and live with the Keen’s next door, Astrid was saying how lonely they got when their grandson moved away.”


“Hmm…” My mum took awhile to process this new information, “That works for me, I think I’ll keep you around, for a little longer.”

“Good, because I’m not going anywhere! Shall we eat?”


Phew! Disaster averted, time to chow down on some fancy-pants food and hope that the hostilities of this evening are totally forgotten about.


Oh, guess I should give Hideki the good news.


Dinner is up and the conversation between my parents has turned to more normal, civil topics. And Mako has hijacked Hideki’s phone and is calling me the bestest of friends ever. Sweet!


Whoa, what an intense night. I can’t say I was a fan of the food, maybe my frayed nerves stopped me from enjoying it, but at least by the end of the night my parents were back to normal.


“I’m sorry mum,” I said as I threw my arms around her.

“Oh Nessa,” she replied as she returned my hug, “I know you meant well, and I’m sorry for the way I reacted too.”


“And thanks, dad, you’re the best!”

He smiled as he held out his arms, I launched myself at him and heard him whisper into my ear, “I know.”


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