I Bleed Black and Silver – Chapter 8

– Coach Shields –


So I’m about to call Coach Shields and see if I can convince him to help bring Maseo over to Newcrest… Oh, and Mako too of course. Before I do, though, I need a bit of a boost, you know, to give me that energetic, “Have I got a deal for you!” voice kind of thing.

Long Black, no sugar… That should do the trick.


Phwoar! That hit the spot!


Okay, it’s “Go” time. Relax Nessa, you’ve spoken to Coach Shields dozens of times bef…


“Hello, Coach Shields speaking?”


“Coach! It’s Nessa Robbins.”


“Nessa, you do know it’s three in the morning right?”

“Pfft! It’s not like you actually sleep, Coach! Besides, I think you’re going to want to see this.”


“Okay Nessa, consider my interest piqued. What is so important that you so desperately needed to talk to me at this ungodly hour?”


 – Beep! Beep! –

“I just sent you an email Coach.”


“Eeeeerrr… How do I get it on this thing?”

“Don’t watch it from your phone! Go to your computer!”

I could hear the sounds of Coach Shields walking throughout his house and sitting himself down with a satisfying sigh in what sounded like an exceptionally comfy chair, followed by the sound of a computer booting up, slowly.

“Any time now Coach!” I said cheerily.

“Okay, I’m in, what am I looking for?”

“My name, you dork!” I laughed, he really had no clue.

“Oh, right. Technology and I don’t really get along.”


“No shit! Did you find it yet?”

“Umm… Oh yes, here it is. Do I click on it?”

Oh, my god! “Yes, click on it.”


“Whoa! This kid is good!”


“I can get him for you,” I stated, confidence oozing from my voice.

“Nessa, you know that we exceeded the recruiting budget this year. There is just no way we can…”

“There’s a way around that,” I interrupted, “And it’s written down at the bottom of the email I sent you. What do you think, you reckon they would bite?”

The Ninja’s coach roared with laughter, “You clever girl! They’ll bite alright, leave this with me, I’ll talk to the Head of Medicine and we’ll work out all the details. Oh, and good work Nessa!”



Fist pump!




I’m awesome!






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