I Bleed Black and Silver – Chapter 6

– Pre-Season (Part 3) –


After my swim, I decided to get a quick bite to eat. While I was waiting for my food I decided to give Jesse a call and see how his pre-season training was going. The call went straight through to voicemail so chances are he was probably in a training session.

“Hey, douche! It’s your awesome sister here, wanted to see how things were with you, no dramas so just call or text back when you’re free. Bye!”


With food in my belly and both my parents off “adulting” (can you really call playing games “adulting” though?) I decided to do some touristy shit. First stop was the chalet gardens.


First up, a room. There’s something creepy about those paintings.


Next up, yup… It’s a kitchen, exciting stuff.

My phone vibrated in my pocket, I must have knocked the silent button when I slid it in there, I checked the phone and saw I had two messages.

One from Jesse:


And the other one was from Knox:


Aw, bless those two guys! They’re so adorable and sweet! Anyway, back to this touristy business.


You’ll never guess what this is, huh? You guess a room right? Lucky guess /sarcasm off.


Wow, it’s a bedroom. Wait, did that cushion just move?


Hmm… Wonder what this room is? Okay, enough of this bullshit, let’s see what the gardens look like, gotta be better than this boring shit.


*whistle* Not bad… Not bad at all.


They have a maze! COOOOOOOOOL!!!


Shit! Wrong way!!!


After hours of traipsing through that maze, cursing like a sailor at each wrong turn, I finally made it out. I’m done with this place, might go check out those nearby ruins, before I officially say I hate historical crap.


Okay, this is pretty awesome.


While I was admiring the ruins a couple of locals came over and introduced themselves to me. This is Arvin and Hideki.


Arvin told me he was a stay-at-home dad and Hideki was a trainer for the Windenburg School of Martial Arts. When I mentioned that I was a college football player Arvin turned to Hideki,

“Hey Hideki, isn’t your son Maseo a college footballer too?”

“He is,” Hideki confirmed, “He’s about your age too, you’re welcome to swing by our house tomorrow to compare football stories if you want. That is if you don’t already have plans?”

I thanked both of them, told Hideki that I would visit him and his son tomorrow unless my parents had plans for us, and made my way back to the hotel.


A quick change of clothes and I was out exploring the waterfront. It was getting late, so I decided I wouldn’t stay out for long, just a quick walk around the block and then back to the hotel.


Whoa! That’s beautiful!


Maybe I’ll just stay here for a bit longer.



12 thoughts on “I Bleed Black and Silver – Chapter 6”

  1. I love how excited she was about the maze lol. It was like she was a little kid. So, my first thought about Hideki, “….you look like you might be related to the Sandreki…” LOL (I probably spelled that wrong 😛 )

    Liked by 1 person

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