I Bleed Black and Silver – Chapter 4

– Papa-Fucking-Razzi –

Well, that wasn’t so bad… The interview I mean. I have to admit that it was helpful to get some preparations for what was no doubt to come, and regardless of what Knox said, the questions weren’t really all that hard.

“All in good time Nessa, all in good time!” he’d said to me as I left when I said as much to him, it’s scary thinking about what else he might come up with but I’m keen to give it a go.

The rest of the week wasn’t incredibly eventful.


Bumped into Astrid and we got talking about when I was a kid and how I kept tripping up over the football whenever I tried to dribble with it, she called it adorable whereas I called it embarrassing.


I went shopping and bought myself a new gym outfit, the last one was getting pretty ratty so it was past time for an upgrade.


Of course, it was in Ninja’s colours and I must say, I look pretty freaking cute in it too!


I had to go and test out my new gear so I booked in a session with one of the team trainers and got to work.


It still amuses me that the trainers are forced to wear blue shirts by school management because everyone else in the town wears black they needed to stand out.


Hmm, except that guy in the pink jacket, that’s part of the range the Ninja’s released for breast cancer awareness, I love it how they do so much for charity!


Well, that was my week. Pretty uneventful right? WRONG! I forgot to tell you about the weekend, what a fucking shitstorm that turned out to be.


You probably noticed I’m a bit glammed up, donning my girly-girl armour I like to say. Well, I decided to go out with a few friends, nothing major, just wanted to let loose one last time before the season started.


I wake up on Sunday morning (yes I’m still wearing the clothes I wore the night before, no it’s not as bad as it sounds) and jumped onto the computer to check the sports news and I was greeted by this article by a hack blogger.

Underage Drinking Culture at NU


Newcrest University falls under the spotlight yet again for their off-field antics as the young star, Nessa Robbins was caught having a drunken bender on Saturday night.


She was seen going back to the bar time and again for top-ups of strong alcoholic beverages, (Bullshit! I only had one and it wasn’t even alcoholic!)


Later that night Nessa moved to the dance floor, heavily intoxicated she started to flirt with the nearest person to her.

Nessa was seen leaving the bar in the arms of this older woman (This. Did not. HAPPEN!) Perhaps her claims of having no significant other is as false as her claim for that goals record never being on her mind.


I’ll let you be the judge, till then, stay stealthy Ninja’s!

– NinjaBoi643


That fucking jackass! You have no right to use that catch-phrase! Whoever he is, I’m going to hunt him down and take a penalty shot right into his fucking testicles, I’m going to blow the ref’s whistle right in his ear, I’m going to… Hmm, a text message?



That fucking bastard! Haha! Guess I still have some more lessons to learn before the draft.


6 thoughts on “I Bleed Black and Silver – Chapter 4”

    1. Knox is teaching her all the hard lessons, let’s hope she learns from all this 🙂 Pink rando jumped into my shot, I had to explain him somehow, teams down here often wear pink during one week each year so I thought I would channel that 🙂

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