I Bleed Black and Silver – Chapter 3

– “Mock” Interview –


So I met up with Knox on Monday morning and he sat me down in his home studio which he broadcasts his radio show through.

“Make yourself comfortable and relax, I’ve got to set things up first so I’ll call out when we’re ready to begin.


“How is this going to work?” I asked and I remember Knox giving me a wicked grin which made me feel a bit uneasy about this whole idea, he was planning something and I doubt I was going to like it.


I remember when Knox and Nico first moved to Newcrest about six years back.


I was only fourteen at the time and the fact that they were gay never factored into the equation, they loved each other and they loved the Ninja’s and that was all that mattered.

“We’re good to go Nessa!” called out Knox over the speaker system, “Chuck that bud-speaker into your ear so you can hear me and we’ll get the ball rolling.”


“Gooooood morning Newcrest! The sun is shining, the Ninja’s got the win over the weekend, and I have a special guest in the studio today. Please join me in welcoming Nessa Robbins to the show.”


Oh oh! I’m going to kill him!

“Morning Knox, it is a pleasure to be here,” I replied as I glared daggers through the glass.

It better be freaking bullet-proof.

“Now I know that this was short notice…”

“No shit,” I muttered under my breath. I knew I shouldn’t have trusted the bastard.


“Haha! Don’t be like that Nessa,” Knox laughed. “Look, I know I threw you in the deep end here, so I’ll just ask a few questions and we’ll call it a day huh?”


“Sure thing, I’m here already so shoot.”

“It’s funny that you mention shooting, as that is my first question. Last season you came desperately close to  breaking the school record for goals scored in a single season. You needed to score two goals during the final game but failed to score at all, do you consider that a failure?”

“Not at all. If you check the match report, and I know that you have, you’ll see that I got three assists in the game and made a number of crucial tackles throughout the match. The record was never on my mind.”

“Good answer!” Knox winked at me through the glass. “If you’re just joining me, I’m talking to Nessa Robbins, the promising young footballer from Newcrest University. Now Nessa, let’s talk about that surname of yours.”





“Now whether you like it or not, you’re part of a sporting legacy. It must be pretty hard following in the footsteps of legends?”



“It can be frustrating at times. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been referred to as Pat or Earl Robbins little girl, and now with Jesse playing for San Myshuno, I’m starting to hear “Jesse’s little sister” thrown into the mix too. But when I dribble through six defenders from my own half and score a screamer from twenty-five yards, they start to take notice of me, Nessa Robbins. I just need to keep reminding them is all.”


“You’re talking about that goal against Oasis Springs Tech, aren’t you? That one holds a special place on my highlights reel. Now for the final question, we’ll go to the phones. You’re on the air caller, would you like to ask Nessa Robbins a question?”


Caller: “Do you have a boyfriend?”


Caller: “A girlfriend?”

“Noo! Wait, is that you Nico?”


Caller: “No, it’s… Rico.”

“Ha ha! Very funny Nico. For the record, I ain’t got no time for that, it’s all about the team, that sort of carry on I can explore when I get drafted.”


“And thanks to my childish husband, that concludes today’s Q & A. Nessa Robbins, breaking hearts and hopefully breaking records this season. I hope you had fun and we look forward to hearing more from you in the future.”

“Thanks for having me, and maybe a bit more warning next time huh?”


“Deal. Until then Newcrest, stay stealthy Ninja’s!”









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