I Bleed Black and Silver – Chapter 2

– Pre-Season (Part 1) –


So the weekend started in typical fashion. Jesse and I sat down with dad to watch the Ninja’s play their first pre-season game. Mum was at the game working on her next article so it was just a “Boy’s Day In” as Jesse likes to call it, if I was a girly-girl I would probably be offended by that, but I’m not a girly-girl (okay, kinda sometimes) so I actually find it pretty cool.


There was some obvious off-season rust amongst the Ninja players but they managed to pull off a 3-2 victory against Newcrest High, an embarrassing result if you listen to the media’s stupid ranting (sorry mum) but all in all, it’s about putting that game plan into action, and learning to play together as a team.


When the game and all that post-match shit that only pure fanatics would bother watching (guilty as charged) was over, I decided to meet up with Kerry at the Library, we’d both fallen behind on our studies and had agreed to spend a bit of time during the summer catching up. I think more time was spent gossiping than actually studying but hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day right?

I guess we got more work done than we thought or just had so much to talk about that time just flew. When my phone chimed away with a text message, I was shocked at the time. The message itself was pretty freaking awesome.


See, sometimes he’s awesome.


So yeah, anyway… Four-hour car journey with my brother, can’t say I remember much of it, I was asleep for the majority of the time. I do remember us singing “Bohemium Rhapsody” and that “Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen” song from Ren & Stimpy at the top of our lungs, the last song got us some pretty hilarious stares!


We got to San Myshuno a little after 1am and crashed at Jesse’s place. Four hours later the bastard threw some ice-cold fucking water over me and told me it was time to go to training.


Jesse’s trainer was this fiery redhead named Moriah, she had a ready smile when I met her but that all disappeared as soon as the session started. She put us to work on the heavy bags, asking us to focus on our footwork and breathing. It was a hard workout, but I was beaming by the end of it. I slept the entirety of the journey back too, completely sapped of energy.


When we arrived home, mum was having one of those “neighbourhood catchups” she liked to host. I tried to sneak past unnoticed, but Astrid, the lovely elderly lady from next door spotted me and waved in greeting. I was forced to spend a bit of time chatting away to everyone but it wasn’t as bad as it sounds, my neighbours are pretty cool and Knox (the dude sitting between Kerry’s mum and Astrid) offered to give me a mock interview tomorrow.


“It’ll be good practice for the upcoming season.” he said.


And I can’t fault his reasoning, the last year before the Entry Draft  attracts a lot of media attention and the journalists are always so brutal with their questioning, able to twist your every word if you’re not careful.


Well, that’s my weekend. I’m knackered so I think I’ll hit the sack, so until next time…


Stay stealthy Ninja’s!



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