I Bleed Black and Silver – Chapter 1

– Intro –



Sup Ninjas! My name is Nessa Robbins, and I “Bleed Black and Silver.”

That’s not a saying you throw around on a whim in little ol’ Newcrest,  you either follow the Newcrest Ninja’s or you pack your bags for Willow Creek, it’s that simple.

I guess you could say that sport is in my DNA. My grandpa was the original owner of the Ninja’s, he started the team while studying in Newcrest University with little more than a patch of grass and a dozen friends and turned it into a well-oiled machine. He passed away before I was born and in his will, he transferred ownership of the team back to the University.


My mother, Patricia Robbins was a former  college track athlete before making the switch to Football. She played for the Newcrest Kunoichi for seven years before retiring to have children. Currently, she is a Sport-Journalist and takes great pride is writing about the sporting accolades of her two children.


My father, Earl Robbins was never much of a physical athlete, but he was a pioneer in eSports. After a successful career as a Pro-Gamer, he designed and released a brand called ER Gaming, which was a collection of gaming gear centred around Incredible Sports.


Then there is my older brother, Jesse. He’s equal parts awesome and douche, okay, so mostly he’s a douche but I wouldn’t be where I am today without his help, so I can forgive a bit (a lot) of douchebaggery.


Jesse went through the Entry Draft for the Pro Football League (PFL) last year and was selected 7th in the first round by the San Myshuno Samurai – which is a good thing because they have the same colours as our Ninja’s and they’re only about four hours away by car.

My brother comes home during the offseason and International Windows. Despite his douchiness, we’re super close, perhaps more so now that he’s left home and is giving me secret training tips on how to improve my own game!


We’ve also made a bit of a wager. I’m totally going to get drafted higher than him when it’s my turn to join the Entry Draft. Just one more year of games…


One more year of training…


One more year of sacrificing personal wants… Not that I want Anton or Kerry, ew, gross! Anton’s like my brother from another mother and Kerry’s my sister from another mister, plus she’s a team-mate and that’s just not cool!


It’s crunch time and there is only one acceptable thing for me, a top six drafting.


Douchius Maximus will never let me hear the end of it if I don’t, and that just cannot happen!



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