Chapter 11: Reborn (Part Two)

Authors Note: This story is now on hiatus, as I have decided to try and turn it into a novel. I have however decided to share this chapter, as it completes the ‘Reborn’ portion of the story. This one is all prose, as I haven’t had a chance to get in-game for some screenshots. If you want to be a beta reader for future chapters, please let me know.

Reborn… (Part Two)

We met many other Zombie’s along the way, none of them were like us. Each of these ones were mindless, we refer to them as drop-kicks in case you are wondering what I am talking about later on in the book. We also ran across a few Humans, often some drop-kicks lunch.


At this stage the desire to join in on the feast was fairly overwhelming, I don’t know how I was able to manage to resist. I think it was because Crystal just walked on past. Crystal never really had much of an appetite as a human, and was super fussy with her food – Whatever the reason, I was thankful for it.


We arrived at Hell, the pizza shop I was talking about earlier, not the place bad people go when they die. And sure enough my car was there, keys were not in the ignition so I figured they were inside the store. We walked on in, store still in a state of Armageddon meets Dawn of the Dead, and found the keys in a pool of congealed blood in the freezer. But before we left, we pilfered the whole stock of Hell T-shirts. I thought that they would be useful at a later stage by writing my own shit on them.

We left the store, not even bothering to lock it up or close the doors. Next we walked back to the staff parking lot, and jumped into my hideous station wagon of limp-dickedness. I slotted the keys into the ignition, and turned them. Nothing, the car was dead, but I remembered that we used to have one of those portable jump starter kits back inside the managers office. So I told Crystal to wait in the car, while I shambled back inside to grab the kit.

Once I found it, I made my way back to the car. I asked Crystal to pop the hood, and proceeded to attach the cables to the car battery. Once done I asked Crystal, who was now sitting in the drivers seat, already anticipating my order, to start the car. She never would’ve done that as a human, she’s definitely gotten smarter. She turned the key and after a few unhealthy chokes the car started. Turns out I can drive.

We cruised all over Auckland, seeing what the deal was with this outbreak. Not much was left untouched. The malls were completely devastated, and the central business district was a hot bed of death and destruction, a feeding-zone for drop-kicks.

I spotted my parents in one of the zombie horde’s which had almost no impact on me whatsoever. After a few hours, we pulled into a gas station, and were served by a friendly Zombie attendant called Steve, who filled our tank but failed to take our cash, I guess that his only role as a human was to pump gas.

On the journey from there we, noticed that a lot of people left their keys in their car. Probably due to running from Zombies and later getting killed, but why would they run out of something that could go faster than Zombies, and could prevent them from biting them? It didn’t really matter to me, so we upgraded my shitbox nana-wagon for something a little more fitting. A 1969 Dodge Charger we found abandoned out West Auckland, in the suburb of Henderson. She was Jet Black, had aggressive lines and was in pristine condition, don’t ask me to go into specs of the car, all I know is that it was fast and sexy.

We spent the next few hours, tearing up the shit with our new ride I’d started referring to as the Deathmobile. Running over some of our mindless cousins; even visiting our good old friend Steve, the helpful pump-zombie again. There were a few places that we couldn’t go by car, as the roads were blocked by empty and turned over cars so we got out to walk a few times. We were able to cross the Auckland Harbour Bridge for the first time, probably not a big deal for some people that ran the Auckland Marathon, but I sure as hell wasn’t going to run twenty plus kilometres just to cross a stupid fucking bridge that’s for sure!

It was a very nice first day in hindsight, Crystal and I connected on a whole new level and became closer for it. As the sun set over the once bustling metropolis that was Auckland City, casting a brilliant red backdrop to the clouds scattered in the sky. Crystal and I lying down on the bonnet of my new car, with her wrapped up in my arms, I finally thought that I was ready to accept my new place in the world.


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