Chapter 10: Reborn (Part One)


So the next few days, I spent at home trying to deny what had happened. Obviously, Crystal never made it to my house, and neither did that fucking taxi. I was worried about her, and I suppose I was slightly concerned about my family. My daily ritual involved watching the news channels non-stop, apart from my daily dosage of The Simpsons.

Joe Watching SimpsonsI wanted to see if there was a cure for this thing, I also thought that I may see my family, Crystal or even Nigel on TV, but no luck. Any Zombie shots taken were from a helicopter high in the air, so I couldn’t make out any details of any Zombies roaming the streets.

Joe Watching News AgainEventually, the reality of things settled in, So I’m a Zombie, I thought to myself. Big deal! I bet you can’t pull off Zombie as well as I can, because I am one sexy Undead beast!

Joe CoolI was a bit surprised that I was able to think so clearly, so I wanted to perform a few tests to see what my capabilities were. I picked up a journal and pen and tried to write “I’m a fucking Zombie!”

Joe WritingJoe Writing 2Sure enough I was able to write perfectly; in fact I think my handwriting had improved!

Joe's WritingI tried to talk “. . .” nope, no success there. I picked up the Lubrik’s Cube my dad got me for my 10th birthday, I’d never been able to figure this shit out, but within 2 minutes I’d completed the puzzle.

Joe's PuzzleJoe's Puzzle 2Weird. I thought to myself.

Joe ThinksOkay, so I can’t talk. I can write though, and I appear to be smarter than before. But can I drive? I had to find my car, and see if it was possible for me to drive as a Zombie. I had my doubts, but right then it was just something to do, something to get my mind off the fact that my life had been irreversibly altered forever. I needed a distraction, and this seemed to be the perfect opportunity.

Joe Goes OutsideZombies!I also had to go outside, and see how widespread the damage was. I figured my car was at work, so I decided to walk there first to pick it up, considering that taxi from the other day never fucking showed up, and take it from there. The first 10 minutes of my walk was fairly uneventful, I almost started to believe that none of this had happened, until I caught a glimpse of a familiar sight.

CrystalCrystal 2Crystal. She was lumbering her way towards me, the way she does when she’s had too much to drink. She was wearing cut-off jeans, slip-on canvas shoes, and one of those low-cut tops which showed off a substantial amount of cleavage. My jaw just dropped, and I couldn’t stop staring at her.

Zombay BewbsWhen she got closer, I noticed a collection of cuts and marks underneath a thick layer of make-up, she had gashes running up the length of her once flawless and silky smooth legs. There were claw marks all over her arms, and a big bite mark over her left breast. I couldn’t stop checking her out; even with the addition of numerous wounds she still looked amazing.

Zombie ChatShe stopped just in front of me, and looked me straight in the eyes. Obvious recognition appeared in her blue, no wait, white eyes. It would seem that Crystal was kind of like me, she could remember things from her human life, hence finding her on the way to my place, and her recognizing me. Even though we couldn’t speak, there was some form of Zombie communication that happened (I made a mental note to follow-up on this), because Crystal decided to join me on the walk to Hell to pick up my car.

Walking To Hell


10 thoughts on “Chapter 10: Reborn (Part One)”

  1. Yay another chapter! 😀

    I like going through Joe’s thought processes with him! How interesting it is that he’s actually sharper than he was alive. I wonder what the zombie virus is actually doing to him.

    (By extension, Crystal is probably a lot more smarter now than Joe gives her credit for!)

    Liked by 4 people

    1. The way I saw Crystal as a human wasn’t really stupid, but kind of lacking a filter on what she would say, so she would often say silly, stupid things without realizing until it was too late. Not being able to speak will definitely help in that regard! XD

      Liked by 3 people

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