A Cunning Plan: The Mini’s

Well my friends. Operation: Cunning Plan was an astounding success, and I couldn’t have done it without you!

That being said, some of those costumes made it hard to see you all in your tiny cuteness. So here is a bonus instalment, a behind the scenes if you will. I’ll post some side by side’s of each mini and their respective simself, and also chuck up any other picture that didn’t make the cut for the story but was worth a mention.

Note that all I did was hit the ‘child’ icon in CAS, and change some CAS items like eXo’s glasses, or Meggles hair. Other than that, all genetics are based of your original simself/character.

And here we go, picture spam incoming!

Carewren123’s Group of Mini’s:

Jes2G Mini Jordan Mini Citizen Mini Anne MiniCeCe MiniAn interesting blooper, where Carewren’s group is leaving as CT’s group is arriving. True to their sims nature, they all waved in unison and disappeared! šŸ˜€

CT’s Group of Mini’s:

Julyvee94 MiniMeggles MiniNinjapig MiniRory MiniPenguinwa MiniSummerFalls Mini

Wing’s Group of Mini’s:

OJenn MiniLizzie1234 Mini Pegasus143 Mini CharmingMaruska MiniLockwoods MiniThePlumbob Mini


Speaking of the Lockwood’s… CAS glitch kept preventing me from giving Cassie her awesome purple eyes in-game. So instead, she got the pumpkin head with the purple eyes!

Lucas & Makenna’s Group of Mini’s:

Ra3rei Mini Sabreene Mini MadameLee Mini Suzume MiniMeatballs MiniMiniMeatballsWould you believe based on this picture, that these two would become two of the biggest criminal masterminds of the sims universe?

Galvex’s Group of Teen Mini’s:

Bunny Pixel & Rose TeenIronbound Teens

The Chaperones:

The ChaperonesLeft to Right: Carewren123, Galvex, Makenna, BBQPenguinWings, Lucas, CathyTea.

And that is all. Thank you for joining me on this cunning ride! I hope you had fun!!!


9 thoughts on “A Cunning Plan: The Mini’s”

  1. How adorable! Thank you for putting this all up, Munterbacon! It was so good and interesting to see the genetics play out between everyone. šŸ™‚

    (We need a Dash one too! I know he wasn’t really part of the groups but still. šŸ˜‰ )

    Liked by 1 person

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