Meatball Mansion

Meatball Mansion

Is this really the home of the infamous Meatball’s? On first inspection, you would think not, it looks totally above-board, straight-laced, legit. But this home has many secrets and a nefarious purpose. Take a look, and decide for yourself. Just don’t take too long, the Meatball’s may appear at any moment, and you wouldn’t want that to happen!

Meatball Mansion Exterior Shot - FrontSo if you’re part of the Writers’ Lounge over at the Sims 4 forums, you would’ve seen me spamming pictures of my latest build. It’s a revamp on a build I did ages ago before basements were included in the game. The inspiration for this build was Venice. I wanted to achieve an appearance of a house sitting on underwater foundations…

Meatball Mansion Pool ShotAnd I think that I have achieved that look.

First thing I did was move it to a larger lot, from 40×30 to 50×40 and made the house bigger. This worked out quite well, as I was able to add a covered walkway around the exterior of the property and still make the actual house wider. Then I went about fixing up the changes I made, and adding a whole basement area filled with all forms of luxurious and illicit things.

So now it’s time to consolidate those photos into one space, and share this bad boy with you all. I’ll be doing two versions, CC and CC-Free. There isn’t much difference, I just preferred the shelving in the Wine Cellar from the CC version and ninjapig needs to keep the Meatball’s in-line, but I want to make this lot available to everyone, hence the two versions. Unless stated in the photos below, both versions will look the same. Links will follow the photos.

Here you’ll find the Main Hall. Stairs lead up to the bedrooms, master bathroom, and the library. Stairs down leads to the Meat(ball) Grinder, the Conference Room, Gym, Wine Cellar, and other hidden things.

Meatball Mansion Main HallMeatball Mansion Main Hall 2DoV Main Hall 3 DoV Reading NookDoV Main Hall 4 Meatball Mansion ninjapig Sightings 10 Ninjapig appears in many places. Hiding behind a knight, or on top of the fireplace. There are many other places that ninjapig can be found in this house.

Meatball Mansion Kitchen with Chef ninjapig Meatball Mansion ninjapig Sightings 12Kitchen with Chef ninjapig, and Living Room with ninjapig watching some Cooking TV.

DoV Gym DoV Gym 2 DoV Gym 3 Meatball Mansion ninjapig Sightings 3 Meatball Mansion ninjapig Sightings 4Basement Gym with ninjapig controlling the stereo and also enjoying a good time in the sauna.

DoV Pool Area 2 DoV Pool Area 1 Meatball Mansion ninjapig Sightings 11Some different pool areas, with ninjapig getting ready to jump in.

DoV Vault Filled 1 DoV Vault Filled 2 DoV Vault Filled 3 DoV Vault Filled 4 DoV Vault Filled 5Basement Vault. Where the Meatball’s can store all their illicitly obtained trophies. Also serves as a place to store weapons, tools, and disguises.

Meatball Mansion ninjapig Sightings Meatball Mansion ninjapig Sightings 2Wine Cellar, with a sneaky oink coming from the bushes.

Wine Cellar NoCCThis is the “No CC” version of the Wine Cellar. Ninjapig feels the need to go commando in this version of the build.

Meatball Mansion ninjapig Sightings 5 Meatball Mansion ninjapig Sightings 6 Meatball Mansion ninjapig Sightings 7Meat(ball) Grinder, complete with ninjapig. She is also ready for the next conference meeting in the adjacent Conference Room.

DoV Meatball Room Filled DoV Meatball Room POV Filled DoV Fruit Waiters DoV Conference Room FilledNo CC version of these two rooms. May be minor changes to the slots on the top of the bookshelves, I was just too lazy to take another picture for the sake of a pirate ship and a chicken.

Hidden Storage RoomMeatball Mansion ninjapig Sightings 8Behind those hidden bookshelves in the Meat(ball) Grinder and the Conference Room are storage rooms for… stuff.

DoV Hydroponics RoomBehind those storage rooms you’ll find a Hydroponics Room for basil… Yeeeeah… Basil. *wink wink*

DoV Chem Lab DoV Chem Lab 2 DoV Chem Lab 3 DoV Chem Lab 4Meatball Mansion ninjapig Sightings 9Adjacent to the Hydroponics Room are two Chem Labs. It is also where the Meat(balls) store all their sensitive documents. Ninjapig supervises, and ensures that it is in fact basil that is used, not basil.

Chem Lab NoCC Chem Lab NoCC 2 Chem Lab NoCC 3 Chem Lab NoCC 4No CC version of Chem Labs. Bookshelves are clickable, but the sim will most likely path to another bookshelf, there are plenty in the house after all so I didn’t think this much of an issue.

DoV Spa HallwayFinal screenshot from the basement area. Hallway with small storage alcove and hot tubs on either end.

DoV Bathroom Shelves Filled DoV Bathroom 1 DoV Bathroom 2Master Bathroom found upstairs. Ninjapig is fine with swimming, but wouldn’t be caught dead in a bathroom. Clean = Seen she told me.

Meatball Bathroom NoCCNo CC version of the shelving. I actually prefer this one, so I think it’s cool that each version has a part that I prefer.

DoV Bedroom 1 DoV Bedroom 2One of the two mirrored bedrooms. I have left these mainly clutter-free so people can get creative.

DoV Master Bedroom 1 DoV Master Bedroom 2 DoV Hack StationMaster Bedroom which is found adjacent to the Hack Station.

DoV Library DoV Library 2 DoV Library 3And down the hall is the Grand Library. There is space there for other things if you so desire, chairs, another chess table (or three), whatever you want. Or you could leave it that way, nothing says rolling in dough like wasted space!

So that’s the tour of the Meatball Mansion. Links will be below, first will be the CC Version, along with links to the mods used. Then I will provide the link to the CC-Free Version. I hope you like it.

CC Version:

Mods Used:

No download link for the Gallery, due to using CC. But it can be found by ticking the include CC box, and searching for “Meatball Mansion” in the Gallery.

CC-Free Version:

Download Link: Here.

– TOU –

Do anything you want with it. Chuck it in your games, your stories, make changes to it, share pictures of it. Just don’t claim that it is yours is all that I ask. If you re-upload a version of it to the gallery please provide proper credit in the description. Other than that, have fun and go nuts!


14 thoughts on “Meatball Mansion”

  1. (Falls out of chair) This is beyond ammmmmaaaaaaazing! Wow! We were just talking about this build today on the stream! Geeeez! I can totally see the Meatballs here! And Ninjapig all around hidden is wonderful! A grand build! ::::applauds wildly::::

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Seriously, all house tours, even those IRL, need to come with a ninjapig! She had lots of fun in the mansion. Thanks for allowing her to test everything out! 🙂 ( . . )

    And again, amazing build! I love that you were inspired by Venice. Water residences FTW! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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