Chapter 9: WTF!?! (Part 2)


– Part Two –

I tried to remember the last time I saw my parents; weeks back if I recalled things properly. They came home after going to see Gremlins at the movies, the theatres had recently brought back old movies back to the big screens, and the olds wanted to go and see them all.

Joe ThinkingI remembered them coming through the door chatting about how the movie seemed so much different from when they first saw it, sitting down at the living room table, making themselves a cup of tea before bed, and ignoring me completely. It was absolute fucking bliss.

Joe Calling Olds 2I tried calling my folks, not so much out of concern but more to hear a familiar voice. However, I didn’t have much luck. Dad’s cell phone went through to voicemail, and Mum’s phone appeared to be disconnected.

Joe Calling OldsI realised afterwards that if I had reached them, I probably wouldn’t have tried to warn them. I’m not sure though, it’s the kind of thing that you can think about over and over in your mind, but when it comes down to doing it, instinct kicks in. If they had answered the phone, who knows how things may have turned out.

Joe Calling Olds 3At last I tried Crystal’s cell, and was somewhat surprised to get an answer.

“Hello?” she said

Joe Calling Crystal“. . .”

“Hello?” Crystal repeated.

Joe Calling Crystal 2“. . .”

“Joe, is that you? Like, say something. You’re scaring me!”

Joe Calling Crystal 3“ . . .”

What the fuck!?! I can’t talk. This is getting weirder and weirder.

“Joe! You know there are like, fucking Zombies walking around?” she asked me. Damn she sounded scared shitless, I wish I could’ve comforted her at that very moment. Told her that everything was fine, and to just stay put. That would’ve prevented what happened next.

“Joe. I’m coming there to see you.”

Joe Calling Crystal 4“. . .!!!!!”

Oh fuck!

Joe Post-CallsYou guessed it, Crystal got attacked on her way to my house. The dumb bitch got pulled over by a Zombie Police Officer. I found out later that Dad had gotten mobbed by a bunch of Zombie interns at his office, and Mum got hit at the Casino by the bouncer.

Joe Post-Calls 4It seemed odd to me. Every Zombie movie could never have prepared me for this. I thought that Zombies were meant to be mindless? But here I was, with clarity in my thoughts. I knew what had happened to me, I didn’t understand it, but I knew what I was.

Joe Post-Calls 2I still had so many questions running through my head. How did this happen? What started it? I’m feeling kind of hungry, is Subway still open? Would I even still like Subway? I wonder what human meat tastes like? But the question that was running foremost through my almost flawless mind was.

Joe Post-Calls 3WHAT THE FUCK!?!


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