Spa-Time Adventures at Zig-Zag Zen (Part 4)

Rinsed, and now Repeat

Dash & Candace Before SpaThey all had a feeling that their time here was nearing an end. There was to be no sleep to be had tonight, house two were going to make their last night in the Gallery count.

Dash Showing OffDash assigned himself to the bar, and set about mixing drinks for the rest. It wasn’t long everyone had a nice buzz going on.

Chats in the WaterSome took to the water, the evening warm and cloudless. Although no one knew why Dash wore those sunglasses at night, especially in the pool of all places.

Splash!There were moments of silliness.

Splash! 3Followed by moments of silliness.

Splash! 2Followed by more moments of silliness.

Funny FacesTopped off with Silliness.

Laughing AwayAnd giggle.

MARSHMELLOWS!!!Everyone gathered around the fire-pit, and roasted marshmallows. Content to enjoy each others company in silence.

Hot Marshmellows!Hot Marshmellows! 2There were a few instances of marshmallow burn.

You Dork!!!And some dork thought it would be a bright idea to play with fire.

Chair Gods Gave Anne Powers

And finally, someone insisted that the Swooshy Chair Gods had given her special powers. Look at that levitating piece twig!!! *cough* Dash is out of shot, and tossed that twig in to the fire *cough*

*   *   *

And here is the final lot of spa photos for house two.

Dash is StaringAnd when morning came around, everyone was out the door, quick as a bunny and off to the spa. A certain simself *cough* DASH *cough* had their sights set on the yoga instructor’s caboose. I’m pretty sure Jess was looking too.

Full SaunaIt’s a full-house in that sauna!

Anne Telling Herself A Story 2Lil Miss Insano is telling another story about chair gods.

Plumbob SleepiesWhile ThePlumbob is caught yawning in yoga. Maybe they do fall asleep.

Full Sauna 2The heat is rising in that sauna.

CT & MegglesWhile CT and Meggles have a chat by the pool.

Anne Telling Herself A Story 3Anne’s story is a long one.

Dash & CandaceElder & JessAnd our sauna goers are having a blast.

Hand & Foot MassagesAnne’s story has finished. Although she was the only one listening. So she met Dash for a hand/foot massage.

Elder & Jess 2While Jess & Elder stayed a little longer in the sauna.

Elder_CT_Jess MassageLater on that day, CT, Jess & Elder have themselves a relaxing massage.

Group ChessAnd everyone finishes up the day in a group chess session.

Thank you all that came along for the ride, be it as a simself in the game or just as an observer. This lot will be up for download by the time you read this message. Search for it by name (Zig-Zag Zen) or by my Origin ID: Munter_Bacon and have fun!


18 thoughts on “Spa-Time Adventures at Zig-Zag Zen (Part 4)”

  1. That was so fun! You were a great host! I love how you let each Sim have his or her moment. I’ve got Zig-Zag placed in my Gallery world (though the Sims in the chapter featuring it were too focused on spending time together to want to brave load screen for the trip across the street! Still, it looks great in the background!)

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Thank you! It was fun having you all. I might come back from time to time to this save and mix up the houses, so each of us can interact with other simselves. That was the one thing I missed, having everyone there at once 😦

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Lovely! ra3rei and I are kicking up something (on my part. subconsciously inspired by your spa adventures, I’m now discovering as the plan moves into consciousness…) that might tie in, too!

        Liked by 2 people

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