Spa-Time Adventures at Zig-Zag Zen (Part 3)

Rinsed, and Now Repeat

The following morning. Everyone woke up and did their own thing for a few hours. Cooking, eating…

Rory Chopping Up A StormSitting around in your underwear. You know, the normal kind of things.

Romantic Walk Through the Water-FeatureSaarang went out for a morning walk with his wife. They had a tonne of catching up to do, and Amara wanted to hear everything there was to know about her two children.

Flirting Like There's No TomorrowIt wasn’t long before Amara needed to go. She smiled that wonderful smile, that made her eyes sparkle. Saarang could die again looking in to those perfect brown eyes.

Rory Suggests SpaMeanwhile back at the house, the suggestion was put out there that they should all return to the spa, as they had such a good time two days ago.

VH is Excited About SpaAn idea that was well received by all.

*   *   *

A shorter story this time, as I’m winding things up to get ready to upload this bad boy. As with the other two posts, here’s some screenshots of our simselves having a great time!

Changing with the FishesChanging with the Fishes… At least it’s not sleeping with them, that would be bad.

VH BoxingVanityHigh with a look of determination on her face. She will conquer that heavy bag!

Simself Gym TimeA Summerfalls joins in on the gym fun, and a BBQPenguinWings photobombs the shot. You did that on purpose!!!

Improved Fullbody Massage RoomJulyvee94 is rocking a stone massage (lame pun, I know), Empy is getting some kind of aromatherapy one and Rory is getting a different type of aromatherapy massage (I forgot which ones).

Yoga ClassPenquinwa, BBQPenguinWings, Julyvee94, Summerfalls and Empy have joined a Yoga class! Kind of… They keep facing the wrong way even though all the mats are facing the same way. GRRR!!! But check out that form by BBQPenguinWings!!!


Rory & Penguinwa in the Hot TubRory and Penguinwa enjoying a dip in the spa (this is not an autonomous choice, which is lame – of course you want to relax in a hot tub at a spa!!!)

Julyvee BoxingJulyvee94 is having a go at the boxing bag. She got pretty tired afterwards and went for a mud bath.

Bonsai CalmWhile NinjaPig and BBQPenguinWings channelled their inner zen and pruned some bonsai trees.

That’s it for part 3. Part 4 I hope to come out this evening. And that will wrap things up. Enjoy!!!


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