The Ghosts of Saarang’s Past…

Is that…

“Commander Voxx?” Saarang asked as he entered the sauna, joining a familiar looking man in there.

Empy Sees Commander Voxx“Oh hey Emperor.”

“Please, it’s just Saarang here.”

Voxx Explains the Events“Strange place huh?” asked Commander Vox.

“Yeah, what are you doing here though?”


Right Down To His and Nanlu's Death“Join the club.”

Nanlu ArrivesAnother familiar face joined them, and sat down next to Saarang.


“In the flesh… So to speak.” she replied.

“Your dead too?”


And Empy Flirts Up A Storm“Well, you look pretty good for a dead woman.”

“Oh, stop it you! It’s hot enough in here as it is!”

They flirted for a time, but Nanlu sensed more than saw another person approaching and got up and left.

“I wonder why she just up and left like that?” Saarang asked.

A Ghost From the Past EmergesCommander Voxx just nodded towards the door. “I think that’s my cue.”

Amara Enjoying the SaunaSaarang couldn’t believe his eyes. It was Amara. His wife, his beautiful, loving wife.

Meet Amara“Hey stranger!” she murmured seductively. “Long time no see.”

A Mix of Disbelief and Excitement“Aaaah.. Amara, is that truly you?”

“Why of course it is silly.”

“But… But you’re dead?”

Amara Explains the Gallery More“No one truly dies my love. They all get reborn here, awaiting their next adventure.”

Saarang blushed, “I… I’m sorry if you saw me flirting with Nanlu earlier.”

“Oh don’t worry about that. Here, anything is possible. Embrace it, be with who you want to be with. I know that we will be together at another time.”

Amara Flirting 1Amara leaned forward and batted her eyelids, giving Saarang that dazzling smile that sucked him in every single time. “But we could go somewhere more private if that’s what you want?”

“Yes. Let’s do that.”


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