Spa-Time Adventures at Zig-Zag Zen (Part 2)

The Crossroads

Dash Wakes UpDash awoke to a loud rumbling next to him. He’d left his phone on the end-table and it was vibrating loudly on top of the glass. He sat up and checked his phone.

[Wake up asshole! It’s Zig-Zag Zen time – Ken Jeong]

Huh? Where am I, and how did Ken Jeong get my number? he thought to himself, maybe someone outside can answer that, I hear voices coming from downstairs.

Dash left his room and bumped in to someone on the stairs.

Dash Meets CT“Excuse me. Do you know what’s going on here?” Dash asked the woman.

Dash Talking To CT“Of course I do.” she replied, “But Elder explains it so much better, why don’t you go find him. I think he went downstairs”

CT Gives Dash Advice“Thanks. My name is Dash by the way.”

“CT, nice to meet you.”

Dash left CT and headed downstairs, all the while CT had a final thought on the matter.

CTPoor lost soul. He has no idea he’s part of a game.

*   *   *

Ken & Empy 2Ken sat down next to Saarang, “So Empy… You wanna meet the neighbours?”

“Not yet Ken, I’m a bit sore from working out yesterday. Give me a few hours.”

Ken & Empy“Saaaaaaarang.” Ken tilted his head and gave him a flat stare, “Don’t be a little bitch!”

“Oh fine! Let me finish this and brush my teeth and we can go, alright!?!”

Ken & Empy 3“Good! See you out front in 15”

*   *   *

Dash Walks DownstairsDash walked downstairs and found four strangers sitting down chatting away. He sat down on the couch with an oomph, and turned to face the woman in the orange jacket.


Dash Asks Questions“Hey me?” she asked.

Dash smiled, “Hey you.”

“Oh, well then. Hey.”

Dash Talks To Roomies“I was told there was an Elder down here, but you all look so young. Could you point me in the right direction?”

Dash SilliesEveryone laughed as if Dash had told the funniest joke ever.

 A blonde haired man with black glasses leaned forward. “I’m Elder. And it’s not my age, it’s short for Elderberry.”

Elder Has Answers“I’ll get out of your way, seems like your one of them.” said the woman sitting next to him as she stood up and continued to play whatever game she was playing on that tablet of hers.

Sneaky Sneaky GamerA young woman swoops over the back of the seat, nearly falling over in the process, “I’ll take that!”

Anne Telling Herself A Story“So, what did she mean by one of them?” Dash asked.

“And then there was this GIANT swooshy chair. And no one could swoosh it because it was so big!”

Dash looked over at the young woman slightly confused.

“Don’t worry about Anne here, she does that sometimes.” Elder said. “Dash isn’t it?”

Anne got up and walked away, appearing to be distracted by something shiny. Dash slid over to sit next to Elder.

Dash Talks To Elder“How did you know?”

“I’ve seen your Gallery Profile, how’s Jessie and Hunter?”

Dash frowned, “Fine I guess, but that didn’t answer my question.”

“Oh boy… You are one of them. Dash, you’re in a game.”


“This place your in. Even though it looks different, do you have a feeling like you’ve been here before?”

Dash nodded his head, “Yeah, now that you mention it I do.”

“This in “The Gallery”, a crossroads between games. I come here often as I’m looking for my son and his friends who went missing a while back.

“That’s terrible!” cried Dash, “Why are you so relaxed about it, if it was my own son I would be out all day every day searching for him.”

“Oh I am. But no time passes here, so this is the one place where I can put my feet up and relax. I often go down to the spa down the road to unwind” Elder produces a flyer, you haven’t seen them by any chance have you?”


“No sorry.”

“Ah, no matter. I’m sure they’re having fun wherever and whenever they are.”


Elder stood up, “Never mind that, come outside and take your mind off things.”

Outside ChatsDash joined everyone outside and had a good time chatting away to these people. It wasn’t long though before there was a knock at the door. Dash got up to answer it.

“Hey asshole! I told you to get to Zig-Zag Zen!!”

“Whoa, you really are Ken Jeong! How did you get my number?” Dash asked.

“I have every ones number.”

“It’s true.” piped in the woman that had joined Dash in welcoming Ken.

Empy Joins the FrayMeanwhile Saarang let himself in, brushing past Ken and Dash and introduced himself to some of his neighbours.

And Looks Pretty Pleased With HimselfAnd after half an hour of chatting, everyone grabbed their things and headed to the spa.

CT Downloaded Once More“YEEEES!! I got downloaded and favourited again!!!”

*   *   *

Here story-mode goes off again as we go through the screenshots of various simselves having good spa-times.

Ahhh... YogaHere we have Meggles, BabyDollAnne, ThePlumbob and Dash having a go at yoga.

Dash StumblesDash stumbles.

The Plumbob StumblesAnd so does ThePlumbob

Jess_CT and Ken Working OutWhile CT, Jes2G and Ken have a go at the heavy bag. (I’m really excited about this screenshot – I wasn’t sure that 3 sims would be able to fit at once!)

Stumbling AnneNot wanted to feel left out, BabyDollAnne has a bit of a stumble too.

The Stumble and the FaceAnd so does Meggles. Told you I would get the face!!!

Empy and His DrinkEmpy is enjoying a refreshing drink.

Stumble BuddiesAnd Dash and ThePlumbob stumble once more. It’s like we’re “Stumble Buddies”!!!

ManicureDreamsInPixels gets herself a nice manicure. (Reduced the number of seats to 2 as only two workers, and added end-tables with incense).

Everyone By Meditation MonolithEveryone (bar Ken, because Ken is a doodle-head) met outside my Meditation Monolith and sat down to contemplate the meaning of life.

Everyone By Meditation Monolith 2Same deal, different angle.

And that’s the end of Part 2. Hope you’re enjoying the ride. Part 3 will come out tomorrow with House 1 and the new changes to the spa.

26 thoughts on “Spa-Time Adventures at Zig-Zag Zen (Part 2)”

  1. Munter! What a great #wheresfree episode! I love that you gave Elder a break, poor guy! It’s nice to see him relaxing in the gallery. And I love your treatment of the gallery idea! I just might have to steal…. err… borrow… err… with proper citations of course! that idea. It’s awesome! Zig-zag Zen in that quiet space in the gallery between games. Ah!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I thought he deserved a break =)
      I can see the spa being inter-dimensional. Able to be in multiple places at once, all of them real, all of them… err… Zig-Zaggy. But none are as zenny as the gallery spa.

      Liked by 2 people

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