Spa-Time Adventures at Zig-Zag Zen (Part 1)

The Crossroads

Empy Is SleepingEmperor Saarang awakens in an unfamiliar bed to bright sunshine streaming through the uncovered windows. The room that he is in is just as unfamiliar. He hops out of bed with a vigour he has not experienced for decades. Oh well, no use dwelling on it. I’ll brush my teeth and find out what is going on. He thought to himself as he walked in to the bathroom.

Empy Brushing TeethSaarang hadn’t looked in to the mirror at this point, so was unaware of the reflection that was looking back at him. He spat out the toothpaste and finally looked up.

Empy Discovers He's Young AgainHe was young again. Every wrinkle on his face was gone, his hair was once again the beautiful golden blonde colour from his youth. “Hey there handsome!” he said to himself, “Where have you been?”

Empy Discovers He's Young Again 2He admired himself in the mirror for a time, not entirely sure what was going on. The last thing he remembered was… He couldn’t remember, when he tried to recall it, his mind went fuzzy. As he was leaving the bathroom, ready to find some answers, he found a strange man sitting on his bed.

Who's That He was wearing a bizarre sequinned suit in a most vibrant red colour.

“Who are you?” asked Saarang as he sat down next to the odd looking man.

I'm Ken Jeong Beepers!“Why I’m Ken Jeong bitches!” the man replied cheerfully.

Saarang peered around the room, he was the only one here. He had no idea why this man had referred to him as not only a female dog, but multiple female dogs.


Ken Calls Empy A Dork“Never mind that. I’m here to tell you something important.”

“Like why I’m here in this strange place?” Saarang asked.


“And why I’m young again?”

“That too.” Ken nodded.

Ken Explains Everything“Well my friend… You’re dead! Bahahahahaahahahahahahahah!” Ken pauses and inhales air, “Bahahahahahahaahhahaha!”

“I don’t see how that’s funny.”

“You don’t? Oh well.” Ken wiped tears of laughter out of his eyes and continued with his explanation. “This place your in. It’s kind of like a crossroads, a world between worlds. I’ve heard of it being called “The Gallery” among other things.”

“The Gallery?”

“Yeah, you’re here because the next world isn’t ready yet. Your creator has decided to do something nice for you, so that is why your young again.”

Saarang was most definitely confused. He’d never heard of this place before, this Gallery.

Ken had more to say. “You’re going to meat a bunch of people here. Some strangers, some friends, some family.”

“And they’ll all be dead?”

“No silly!” Ken laughed, “There’s more than one way to get here. Come let’s meet some of them, they live in this house with you… For now.”

Ken took Saarang downstairs, where he was introduced to four strangers that had somehow found themselves in this crossroads.

Empy Introduces HimselfThe other two were found upstairs, chilling out and playing games.

VH and PenguinwaSaarang hit it off quite well with them all, and spent the morning chatting to them all out by the pool.

Nice Face Empy!!After a while Ken came back with an announcement.

“Morning bitches!” he laughed, “Come with me… We’re going to Zig-Zag Zen”

Zig-Zag ZenZig-Zag Zen 2*   *   *

Story-mode is off as I now showcase the spa, following different sims as they choose where to go, and what they want to do – only occasionally directing them to certain points (like massage table/chairs).

Many Simselves Much GymWow. Many Simselves. Much gym.

SF and VH By PoolSummerfalls & VanityHigh chatting by/in the pool.

Rory Joins SF and VHRory joins in. The one and only time you’ll find her not meditating.

Empy Talking To NinjaPig“So what’s your name?”


“That’s a strange name.”

“What’s yours?”


“That’s a strange name.”


Simselves MeditatingRory, VanityHigh, Penguinwa101 and Ken Jeong are trying to find inner peace.

Not The Best Way To Ask For A MassageAaah… Empy, that’s not a good way to ask for a massage.

Penquinwa MassageSpeaking of massage, Penguinwa is getting a nice Swedish Massage.

Ouch!!!And Summerfalls is getting a Deep Tissue one. Ouch!!

BBQPenguin in SaunaAnother Penguin is steaming away in the sauna. This one is of the BBQ variety.

SF in SaunaSummerfalls is in there too. It looks pretty hot in there!!!

Pedicure For NinjaPig and EmpyEmpy did actually get a massage, even after being rude to the masseuse. A certain NinjaPig joined him.

Penguinwa Looking At FishPenguinwa is looking at fish.

Hello Fishy!Hello Fishy!!!

Empy Does His Own Form Of MeditationRory’s still meditating. Mind you, so are VanityHigh, Penguinwa and Ken. Whereas Empy is meditating in his own special way.

Swimming With BBQPenguinBBQPenguinWings thinks that Empy’s idea of meditation is spot on.

Penquinwa Reading At SpaPenguinwa is reading a nice relaxing book.

Bored KenWhile Ken mixes himself a drink (why no bartender here? That’s weird right?)

Someone's Walking Through Water-Feature!!!Someone is enjoying a nice walk through the water-feature.

Bored Ken 2While Ken drinks his poorly made drink.

Aaaand She's Still MeditatingAnd as the sun goes down, guess who’s still meditating?

Stay tuned for Part 2 where a new group of simselves join Empy on his wild ride. I’m just going to leave you with this cheeky image of Ken =)

Ken Soaking in BathWhich is not part of the spa, but thought it was cool anyway.


26 thoughts on “Spa-Time Adventures at Zig-Zag Zen (Part 1)”

  1. Awesome job Munterbacon! I love how you added Ken Jeong into the mix. And Empy’s conversation with him was so funny! ‘He had no idea why this man had referred to him as not only a female dog, but multiple female dogs.’ xDDD

    Loved seeing NinjaPig in action! I guess your spa inspired me to work out! And yay for a relaxing massage. 😀

    Liked by 5 people

      1. Oops! Forgot to change his eyebrows lol. His pose was crackup when he first arrived. “I’m here now ladies, come at me!”
        They were ‘chatting’ for ages before they all went to the spa =)

        Liked by 3 people

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