Chapter 2: Let Me Introduce Myself… (Part 2)

Let Me Introduce Myself…

– Part Two –

I remember my entire life as a Human, all twenty six mind-numbing years of it. Well apart from those childhood years that no one remembers but they don’t really count do they.

Joe As A TeenJoe As A Teen 2 High School was rough for me, I was small for my age and quite often ended up being picked on by the school bullies.

Joe Beaten Up 1I was thrown inside of charity clothing bins forty seven times, hung by the hooks in the gymnasium changing rooms one hundred and thirty nine times, downtroued, wedgied and melvined well over a thousand times and beat up almost daily for five years.

Joe DowntrouedHowever the most memorable moment at school was being stuffed into my gym bag, and rolled down the hill of our schools top-field, crashing into a tree near the bottom and breaking my arm and a few ribs in the process. As you can guess, I couldn’t wait to get out of school and when that last day arrived I never looked back.

Joe Broken ArmI was a late bloomer in life, it wasn’t until I left school that I became, for lack of a better word ‘cool’. I took a gap year from college, and started going to the gym where I packed on a bit of beef.

Joe Getting Fit Joe Getting Fit 2Joe Getting Fit 3 I finally grew to a respectable five foot ten, and had a killer upper body which had an uncanny way of causing woman to swoon when I flexed my arms. It was then that I decided to go to college.

Joe A Hit With The Ladies 4 Joe A Hit With The Ladies 6It didn’t last long though, I dropped out of college after just one year but during this time girls started to become interested in me.

Joe A Hit With The Ladies Joe A Hit With The Ladies 3

Joe A Hit With The Ladies 7Joe A Hit With The Ladies 5

Even though I was only in college for just over a year, I made quite a few friends.

Befriending A Bully

Including some of the bullies from my high school, they totally didn’t recognize me, which I guess I couldn’t blame them as I did look totally different from high school.

Befriending A Bully 2

I’d cut off my long hair and reverted back to my natural sandy brown hair colour as opposed to the “I hate my life, where are the razorblades?” emo black I sported in high school.


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