Chapter 1: Let Me Introduce Myself (Part 1)

Let Me Introduce Myself…

– Part One –

Typical MorningThe sun rises over Auckland City. What looks to be another glorious summer morning will no doubt turn out to be another typical Auckland day involving bright sunshine, a number of showers, random gusts of high winds and the occasional Zombie horde.

Zombie Horde 1Zombie Horde 2This doesn’t concern me as I yawn, and roll over hoping for a few hours more sleep.

Still SleepyLife is pretty difficult right now, unemployment is at an all-time high, the crime rate is through the roof, cans of non-perishable foodstuffs are worth more than the New Zealand dollar right now, and almost every other global currency come to think about it. And the Average Joe needs to take out a personal loan in order to fill up their car with gas if they don’t have the means to just take it.

Canned FoodLuckily, I’m no Average Joe. You may have picked up on my Zombie comment earlier on? No you are not going crazy, I definitely said that. Although you must be living under a rock if this is the first you have heard about it. For just over three years now, a Zombie Outbreak has affected the planet.

Joe's Back What started out as pretty much the start of every single Zombie movie ever made, like the cure for cancer, the cure for Alzheimer’s, the  cure for stupidity, turned into something far more sinister. Some places were hit harder than others, and New Zealand was hit pretty damn hard.

Joe's Back 2So, back to that Average Joe comment I made.

Joe's SideThis is probably going to shock a lot of you, but my name is Joe Death and I’m a Zombie.

Joe's Face 1But relax; don’t shit your pants just yet, I’m not one of those mindless Human eating Zombies. For some reason, I got to keep most of my brain after I got bit. Joe's Face 2I don’t know why this is the case, I guess I’m some kind of Zombie-mutant or something.

Joe's Face 3 There are others like me, but we are few and far between. Perhaps about two hundred million or so, that’s all, the majority of Zombiekind are brainless dorks.

Joe's Face 4Joe's Face 5


11 thoughts on “Chapter 1: Let Me Introduce Myself (Part 1)”

  1. Amazing start! I love how you’ve created such an awesome atmosphere – zombies everywhere, bright sunlight in the desert, peeling paint in the house, and a tiny crackling TV. And what a character! I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this series! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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