Character Info: Bella’s Past

Bella's PastBella’s Past

Being a round-eared Xaabosian has it’s benefits. The fact that Xaabosian’s have a striking resemblance to humans makes round-ears the perfect undercover operative.

This is what Bella Korlaan was. Part of Nakaia’s regime through out Emperor Zorr’s reign, she was to monitor Terra, report back her findings in preparation of an invasion. When Zorr passed away, Bella went dark. When agents went to check up on her, the Victorian style house that was her home for so long was empty – she was no where in sight, and had left no trail.

No one knew for sure why that was. Although it pained her to do so, Nakaia was forced to put her friend on the “Galactic Wanted List”. The terms of her entry was capture, but mistakes could happen – it was the best that she could do.

It is now understood that Bella fell in love with a Terran and had two children with the man, compromising her mission as she was no longer willing to send back reports. She has done well for herself since her self imposed exile, selling all her Xaabosian tech to scientists she bought a bar, which is the most popular drink-hole in town.

Goth Mansion - Close Bella Goth now lives in an impressive mansion in Oasis Springs, high up on the cliff-face. What you see here however is just the tip of the ice-berg. True to her mysterious nature, the secrets of this house lie beneath the surface.

Goth Mansion - FarLot created by: findjoo


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