Meteorology: The Hot Summer

Pyroxius & Its Influence:

The planetary system that Xaabos finds itself in is interesting. 4 planets in total orbit around the two central Yellow Dwarf stars. Normal so far, yet there is a third sun in this system, one which is on a long elliptical orbit that only influences Xaabos and the other planets in the system once every 12 years.

This meteorological event is called a “Hot Summer” and lasts an entire Xaabos year. During this time, temperatures rise to dangerous levels and is ideal for spawning locusts- they will consume whatever crops are still standing but when that is gone they will look elsewhere, do not be caught outside during a locust swarm – you will not live.

Weather becomes extreme and unpredictable, to the point of boiling rains, and deadly tsunamis in the Molten Seas to name a few. In some of the cooler portions of the planet the temperature is perfect for the creation of monstrous tornadoes that rip through the plains leaving only destruction in their wake.

The “Hot Summer” starts two months after it’s initial sighting and lasts for one year after that. When it ends, the people of Xaabos celebrate for an entire week. Any wars that were being fought prior to the start of the “Hot Summer” must uphold a compulsory ceasefire during this week-long celebration.


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